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String Waves

IIT JEE |Advanced| Mains

Course consists of 10 lectures.
This course is made in continuation with ‘Basics of Waves IIT JEE’ course of mine.
Here’s the link
Course is highly specific and based on latest pattern of IIT JEE and Mains.
Please do follow and review the course so that I can deliver you in best possible way.
Please do watch each lesson for better understanding of course.
Don’t forget to enroll the course to boost my confidence to make more such courses for you.
oVelocity of wave on a string| Examples| lesson 1
oPower of a wave| Intensity| lesson 2
oEnergy distribution in waves| Practice problems on intensity| lesson 3
oPrinciple of Superposition| lesson 4
oInterference of waves |constructive n destructive| lesson 5
oReflection and Transmission of waves | lesson 6
oImportant points for finding equation of Reflected and Transmitted wave| lesson 7
oStanding wave| part 1| lesson 8
oStanding wave| part 2| lesson 9
oPractise problems on standing wave | previous year problem | lesson 10