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Classification of

{ Ch. 15.
Pg. 460
{ Substances { Mixtures
 Elements  Heterogeneous
Is a substance that is Mixture in which
different materials
made up of atoms that remain distinct.
are alike.  Suspensions
 Compound  Colloids
Is a substance in  Homogeneous
which the atoms of Mixture that remains
constantly and
two or more elements uniformly mixed and
are chemically has particles that are so
combined in a fixed small that tey cannot be
proportion. seen with microscope.

Composition of Matter
Composition of Matter
Element + Element Compound
{ Homogeneous
{ Heterogeneous

Properties of Matter
{ S. 2
{ Physical
{ Chemical

Any characteristic of a Any characteristic of a

material that you can material that you can
observe without observe that produces
changing the identity of one or more new
a substance.
 A change of one
 A change in size, substance to another is
shape or state of called a chemical
matter in which the change.
identity of the Examples:
substance remains the A release of energy, heat,
same is called a cooling, a formation of
physical change. bubbles.

Properties of Matter
Mass is not gained or lost during any
chemical change.
{ Reactants
{ Products

The Law of Conservation of Mass