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By: paige bertrand

Animal Facts

Description Diet
The cheetahs color is The cheetah is a
tan fur. Their length is carnivore it likes
to eat meat, Movement
about four feet .a
antelopes, The cheetah runs 70
male cheetah weighs
gazelles, hares mph when the
140 pounds a female
cheetah runs really
weighs 90 pounds . It
fast the bone spins
has fur some of the
and comes back.
cheetahs special
features are strip from
nose to mouth.
A pic showing
your animal.

Picture showing
your animal in its

Cheetahs live in the savanna of Africa . Cheetahs run 100

feet in 1 second they have a tail to ballanc .
Life Cycle
Cheetahs have live birth . Moms cane
have 2 to 5 be born at a time baby’s it
take 90 to 95 days for a baby to be born
. the momma tacks care of her cubs for 5
A picture of the
to 6 weeks a baby has a mane . Also the animal as a baby
baby cheetah has a special name and the or young.
name is cub. M,

Male cheetahs live by their self

females live with their baby’s .
Adults are spotted and are in the
A picture of the cat family a group of cheetah are
animal as a
grown/ mature
called a coalition. Adults live for 7
animal. to 12 years .
Animal Interactions

Pic of animal adaptation

Cheetahs protect self’s by using their teeth’ claws and that allows it to protect
running communicate by hissing’ growling and

Humans are a predator to cheetahs because they kill

cheetahs for no reason and also lions and hyenas.the
lion is laying in the grass
Pic of enemy, predator,
prey, etc.
Interesting Facts

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Fact Title
Fact Title fact #2
Cheetahs are the
only cats with
Cheetahs need
black tear marks
only one drank
on there face
every 3 to 4 days
Fact Title
King cheetahs
have lengthwise
strips that are rare

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