y 1.What was born in a pub in London during a

barroom argument on which bird was the fastest in the British Isles?

y The Guinness Book of Records

y Which king, the son of Sage Pulyasta was an

accomplished veena player and his royal flag bore it as his insignia?

y Ravana

y What according to the Indian government is the only 3 wheeler that you can drive without a license? .

: The Road Roller .y .

A month earlier they had been interviewed together on a Television show.y 4. Name the show and the host? . Persis Khambatta and Protima Bedi both died on the same day.

: µNot a nice man to know¶ hosted by Kushwant Singh on Star Plus .y Ans.

y Protima Bedi. Star Trek. who in 1990 established Nrityagram. best known for her role as Illia in 1979 feature film. 1998) was an Indian model turned exponent of Odissi.18 aug. actress and author.y * Certain trivia ± Persis Khambatta (2 oct 1948. 1948-august 18. a dance village near Bangalore. Mumbai) was an Indian model. .(oct 12. 1998.

y 5. What name is derived from the Persian for µHuge sheet of water¶? .

they referred to it as µthe huge sheet of water¶ or µIndia¶.: India. .y Ans. Since the Persians couldn¶t pronounce Sindhu.

y 6. Which animal is the largest member of the Pig family? .

y Ans.: The Hippopotamus .

y 7. What? . This vehicle was used for all general purposes during the World Wars and it was said that it could do anything but talk.

: The General Purpose Vehicle or the Jeep (from GP) .y Ans.

In Tirupati. the Hundi receives millions of rupees every year. What is the mythological reason for the Hundi to be there in the first place? .y 8.

: Once Vishnu was reborn on earth to take back Lakshmi who had come away after a fight. . Till today his devotees are helping him pay back the loan by contributing to the Hundi.y Ans. In that birth he needed money to marry her and he borrowed it from Kubera since he had none.

for a wedding conducted on a plane. like on a plane.y 9. But. Why? . the rule is that Sikh rites have to be followed even though it is a Hindu wedding. there is this trend of conducting marriages at weird locales. Nowadays.

: Because the Sikh rites of marriage don¶t need the marriage to be conducted in the presence of Agni or fire. .y Ans.

_____________´? .y 10. Complete the lines ± ³Till earth and sky stand. presently at God¶s great judgement seat.

: ³East is East and West is West and the Twain shall never meet´ from Rudyard Kipling¶s µBallads of the East and West¶ .y Ans.

if you followed the directions ³Second to the right and straight on till morning´. where would you go? .y 11. In the world of Children¶s fiction.

: Neverland (Peter Pan) .y Ans.

y 12. The road outside the Chicago Art Institute in Chicago was originally called Michigan Avenue. Who? . Now it has been renamed after an Indian.

y Ans.: Swami Vivekananda .

What odes SSS stand for? . Captain Haddock is the President of an organization called SSS.y 13.

y Ans.: Society of Sober Sailors .

Burnham wanted to produce a homegrown structure that would rival the Eiffel Tower. The chief architectural planner of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. David H. He conducted a competition.y 14. The winner was George Washington Gale. What did he invent? .

y Ans.: The Giant Wheel or the Ferris Wheel .

What practice evolved when Eskimos murdered the captain of the ship Heartsease in 1612? .y 15.

.y Ans.: The practice of flying the flag at half-mast.

The San Francisco Chronicle described this person as having µthe determination of Bjorn Borg. Who? .y 16. the grunt of Jimmy Connors and the laugh of Woody Woodpecker¶.

y Ans.: Monica Seles .

y 17. the Nobel Prize winners for medicine Sir Geoffrey Hounsfield and Allan Cormack were neither doctors nor physiologists. In 1979. Why were they then awarded the Nobel Prize? .

: For inventing the CAT scan. .y Ans.

What. during the French Revolution. Equality and Fraternity? . were called Liberty.y 18.

Queen and Jack on a pack of cards.y Ans.: The King. .

y 19. Which is the most famous publication of the company Bennett and Coleman? .

: The Times of India .y Ans.

In 1935.y 20. Carl Van Ossietzsky. German journalist and pacifist won the Nobel Prize by beating a much more famous person whose nomination for the Prize was vehemently opposed by the British. Who? .

: Mahatma Gandhi .y Ans.

y 21. Sage Bhagiratha performed penance to bring Ganga to earth. Sage Kashyapa performed penance to bring which river to earth? .

: Saraswathi .y Ans.

y 22. Devonshire House is one of the most popular haunts of Bangaloreans. By what name is it better known? .

y Ans.: Galaxy Theatre .

y 23. Who? . She was the first winner of the Asian Women¶s amateur Table Tennis title but is better known for her professional life.

y Ans.: Kiran Bedi .

Name the other two.y 24. Te controversial movie µFire¶ is the first of director Deepa Mehta¶s µElements¶ trilogy. .

y Ans.: Earth and Water .

Which two cricketers and singer have been signed on to endorse Coca Cola in addition to Saurav Ganguly and Javagal Srinath? .y 25.

y Ans. Anil Kumble and Daler Mehndi .: Robin Singh.

Which celebrity made her Hindi film debut in the small role of the wife of tribal Raghubir Yadav in the award winning µMassey Saheb¶? .y 26.

y Ans.: Arundhati Roy .

Who was awarded the Bank of Sweden Prize for 1998? .y 27.

y Ans.: Amartya Sen (The Bank of Sweden Prize is the Economics Nobel) .

y 28. After whom is it named? . Recently a Dubai based company launched a range of perfumes called µSK¶.

y Ans.: Shahrukh Khan .

In the world of comics whose mind µworks faster than a computer¶? .y 29.

: Chacha Chaudhary .y Ans.

Which Kannada movie won the National Award for Best Film in 1998? .y 30.

y Ans.: Girish Kasaravalli¶s µThayi Saaheba¶ .

y 31. Where in Bangalore would you find the following words inscribed µGovernment¶s work is God¶s work¶? .

: On the Vidhana Soudha .y Ans.

What is advertised with the line µNothing else matters at nine¶? .y 32.

y Ans.: Star News .

In the world of Indian classical music how are Lalitha and Haripriya better known? .y 33.

y Ans.: Hyderabad Sisters .

y 34. In the name of the popular computer iMAC. What does the µi¶ stand for? .

: Internet .y Ans.

How do we know it today? .y 35. It was earlier called as µThe Statuette¶.

y Ans.: The Oscar .

y 36. Who or what did Shakespeare describe as µthe green eyed monster¶? .

y Ans.: Jealousy .

other than the Kauravas who else had a hundred brothers? . In the Mahabharata.y 37.

: Shakuni .y Ans.

Whose autobiography is titled µWings of Fire¶? .y 38.

J.: A.P. Abdul Kalam .y Ans.

y 39. Who edits the women¶s magazine µNew Woman¶? .

y Ans.: Hema Malini .

Which cricketer is slated to star opposite Madhuri Dixit in a forthcoming film? .y 40.

: Ajay Jadeja .y Ans.

y 43. During the late 80s the Times of India group had launched a super premium tea brand which met with a quick death in the market. Name the brand? .

y Ans.: Editor¶s Choice .

Which industrialist began his career ass an attendant for Burmah Shell Gas in Aden(Yemen)? .y 44.

y Ans.: Dhirubhai Ambani .

Coca Cola the Big Red. If IBM is the Big Blue.y 45. what is Big Black? .

y Ans.: United Parcel Service .

y 46. Wose first foray into business was the founding of the µLaugh-O-gram¶ corporation in 1921 which went bankrupt barely two years later? .

y Ans.: Walt Disney .

y 47. Which company started as a playing card company in 1889 in Japan and literally means µLeave luck to Heaven¶? .

y Ans.: Nintendo .

y 48. Which product was launched with the adline µIt helps a school girl to maintain her complexion¶? .

y Ans.: Palmolive Soap

y 49. Which brand employs Mercury, the swift

messenger of the Gods, a connotation of speed, as its trademark?

y Ans.: Good Year

y 50. The name of which Japanese company literally

means ¶50 Bells¶?

y Ans.: Isuzu

the Beatles¶ song µrevolution¶ was licensed for a TV commercial. In the mid 80s. Name the brand .y 51. the first time ever that a Beatles¶ song had been licensed for advertising purposes.

: Nike .y Ans.

Which was the first commercial symbol to be displayed at Madame Tussaud¶s wax museum? .y 52.

: The Singapore Girl of Singapore Airlines .y Ans.

What word? . Derived from the Japanese word for µgreat Prince¶. after foreigners mispronounced it.y 53. it found its way into English. a something else which came to mean µa man of great wealth¶.

: Tycoon from µtaikon¶ .y Ans.

CWI. England? .y 54. Cheshire. 3pl. Which company has its headquarters in Crewe.

: Rolls Royce .y Ans.

y 55. Who once advertised with the slogan µNothing improvises the circulation of a magazine like a dirty picture¶? .

y Ans. the picture in question was the infamous ball tampering incident where Mike Artherton is seen pulling out some sawdust from his pocket and rubbing it on the ball .: The Sportstar.

What is he best known as? .y 56. David Whitebread is a little known stage actor and part time model.

y Ans.: The Onida Devil .

y 57. Which ad agency keeps a bowl of fresh apples in the reception areas of its offices all over the world? .

: Leo Burnett .y Ans.

y 58. Which celebrity owns µUnsquashable Inc´? .

y Ans.: Jahangir Khan .

y 59. Who said µI have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind¶? .

: King Camp Gillette .y Ans.

y 60. Warner Communications & American Express paid Manhattan Design 1000 dollars to design a logo. What? .

: MTV logo .y Ans.

It was named after his son-in-law. What? . In the 1880s a person called Richardson sold this ointment in USA.y 61.

: Vicks .y Ans.

y 62. What is the Roman word for µTo roll over¶? .

:Conglomerate (Latin for Roll over is Volvo) .y Ans.

y 63. Which brand had the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra play at its Indian Launch? .

y Ans.: Seagram .

Which media baron was born Jan Ludwik Hoch and died under mysterious circumstances abroad his yacht µLady Ghislaine¶? .y 64.

: Robert Maxwell .y Ans.


Who recently launched a website µIndia 2002¶? .y 65.

y Ans.: Harshad Mehta .

was founded in 1980 and derives its name from the combination of first letters of first names of the founders? . Which computer company recently taken over by Samsung.y 66.

Safi Qureshi and Tom Yuen .: AST.y Ans. from Albert Wong.

Who heads a Delhi based beauty company called µNaturence Research Labs¶? .y 67.

: Manoj Prabhakar .y Ans.

y 68. Who actually built a bridge in Sri Lanka for the film µBridge on the River Kwai¶? .

y Ans.: Larsen and Toubro .

What US Presidential election campaign slogan was lifted in an Indian softdrink jingle to claim that a coke replacement had arrived? .y 69.

y Ans.: µHappy days are here again¶ by Thums Up .

. This brand of alcohol advertised abroad with the line µI thought the Kamasutra was an Indian restaurant until I discovered________. Their ads also cautioned µRemember whatever happens do not over do it¶.y 70.

: Smirnoff .y Ans.

y 71. This brand manufactured by Kazuo Tazima gets

its name from three words ± Machine, Instrument, Optical. Which brand?

y Ans.: Minolta

y 72. Which company gets its name from a fruit which

used to be exported to England from a Moroccan port?

y Ans.:Tangerine

y 73. Hasbro has a tie up with Funskool India to

market its toys and games in India. Name the parent company of Funskool. ?

: MRF .y Ans.

y 74. The ad featuring Moon Moon Sen¶s daughter Riya Dev Varma for Nirma lime Soap looks very similar to the Liril ad. Could it be because it was directed by the same person? Who directed them? .

y Ans.: Kailash Surendranath .

Group. . Name the newspaper started by industrialist Vijaypath Singhania of the J.K.y 75.

: The Indian Post .y Ans.

What does TIMES stand for in the name of TIMES Television. .y 76. the Television division of Bennett and Coleman Ltd.

Music. Entertainment and Sports .: Television for Information.y Ans.

? .B.B. A Bombay based jewellery house launched a range of earrings called H.y 77. Why were they called H. a couple of years ago.

y Ans.: After Henry Blofeld the popular cricket commentator known for his penchant for earrings .

When Henry Ford died. amongst his last possessions was a test tube.y 78. What did it supposedly contain? .

y Ans.: The last breath of Thomas Alva Edison .

y 80. Which Indian businessman was part of the design team at Intel that designed the Intel 80486 microprocessor? .

y Ans.: Rajeev Chandrasekhar of BPL .

In which merchant bank did P.G.y 81.Wodehouse work for two years? .

y Ans.: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation .

To which company did the shipment of tea destroyed by the American colonists during the Boston Tea Party in 1773 belong? .y 82.

: The East India Company .y Ans.

y 83. What was advertised with the slogan ³You press the button and we do the rest´? .

: Kodak .y Ans.

y 84. What is an unrhymed Japanese poem of 3 lines. containing 17 syllables called? It is also the name of an Indian saree range .

: Haiku .y Ans.

y 85. Which Indian automobiles advertised two decades later with the same line? . Honda advertised in the 1960s with the line ³You meet the nicest people on a Honda´.

y Ans.: Kinetic Honda and Contessa .

y 86. Which brand created a sensation by sticking a Ford Cortina to a billboard at a busy junction in London? .

y Ans.: Araldite .

Why? . During Wimbledon 1995 Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played a mock tennis match at Trafalgar Square in London.y 87.

y Ans.: To shoot a commercial for Nike .

y 88. Which Indian brand combined the Coke and Pepsi ad slogans to come up with the line ³The real thing is the choice of the new generations´? .

y Ans.: London Pilsner Beer .

What was launched in 1959 in Kansas by the Carney Brothers? .y 89.

: Pizza Hut .y Ans.

How is this significant to the present day corporate world? .y 90. The highest ever wicket partnership in England was between Herbert Sutcliffe and Percy Holmes in 1923 against Essex in Leyton.

: They scored 555 runs giving 555 cigarettes their name .y .

twelve proud nations.? . lean to win the cup ________ . Complete this line ³There is but one cup to win. eleven proud people.y 91.

: Share the Magic .y Ans.

Miles compound Tomato extract¶? . What food item was patented in 1830 and called µDr.y 92.

y Ans.: Tomato Ketchup .

y 93. Which Indian clothing brand gets its name from

Greek for µCircle of Animals¶?

y Ans.: Zodiac

y 94. Which industrialist ± Philanthropist donated

$800,00 for the land on which the U.N. General Assembly has been built?

y Ans.: John D. Rockefeller Jr.

y 95. Ken Follett has written a book µOn the wings of

Eagles¶ which deals with the true story of how 40 odd employees of an American Company EDS corporation escaped from Iran when caught in the Islamic Revolution. Who owns EDS and appears throughout the book?

y Ans.: Ross Perot .

nation wide enterprise which exists to date. 17 year old Rudyard Kipling roamed India as Assistant Editor of the Civil and Military Gazette. Lahore. What? .y 96. He then wrote µSoldiers Three¶ a series of short tales that launched a pervasive.

H.y Ans.Wheeler publishing House and chain of bookstores .: The A.

y 97. What is a µSen¶ in monetary terms? .

y Ans.: 1/100th of a Yen .

Which brand derives its name from the Japanese God of Mercy? .y 98.

y Ans.: Canon from Kwanon .

Following the super success of Food World.? .y 99. Name them. the Spencers Group has launched two other chains of superstores.

: Music World and Health&Glow .y Ans.

Which Indian newspaper advertises with the line ³Why settle for anything else´? .y 100.

: The Statesman .y Ans.

y 101. perfume and a registered postal package? . Ads for which Indian product feature the following ± a raunchy novel titled µfantasies¶.

y Ans.: VIP Frenchie .

y 102. Which Indian newspaper claims along with its price on the masthead that µOne Paise goes to charity for every issue sold´. .

y Ans.: The Afternoon Despatch and Courier .

It has now become a phrase in the language meaning something of superior quality. What? . This was the classification of the highest quality of ships.y 103. by the Lloyds shipping Registrar of the world famous insurance association Lloyds.

: The term µA-1¶ .y Ans.

Sachin Tendulkar was named after his brother Ajit's favourite music director. Who? .y 104.

: Sachin Dev (S D ) Burman .y Ans.

y 105. Who is known as the 'Terror of MM Hills'? .

y Ans.: Veerapan .

In which Indian city did Shivaji marry? .y 106.

: Bangalore .y Ans.

y 107. Which British General was responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? .

y Ans.: General Dyer .

What is the Sanskrit word for 'refined'? .y 108.

y Ans.: Sanskrit

y 109. In telephone terminology what does ISD stand


y Ans.: International Subscriber Dialing

y 110. Which Indian author's first names are

Rasipuram Krishnaswamy?

y Ans.: R.K.Narayan

.y 111. Name the wife of Agni.

y Ans.: Swaha .

y 112. By what name do we know the Hindi actor Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia better? .

y Ans.: Akshay Kumar .

Which place in Bangalore was originally known as South Parade? .y 113.

: Mahatma Gandhi Road .y Ans.

y 114. Two wards in the Tihar Jail in New Delhi were named after Indian cricketers by supercop Kiran Bedi. Who? .

: Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli .y Ans.

To avenge whose death did Bhagat Singh shoot and kill General Saunders? .y 115.

y Ans.: Lala LAjpat rai .

Why did Pakistan supposedly name its missile 'Ghauri'? .y 116.

y Ans.: Because it thought India had named Prithvi after Prithviraj Chauhan .

y 117. From which ancient Indian work do we get the lines 'Satyameva Jayate'? .

: Mandokya Upanishad .y Ans.

y 118. This product is manufactured only by one company .The Mysore Paints & Varnishes Ltd.What? .

y Ans.: Voter's Indelible Ink .

y 119. Whose ashes are supposedly stored at the Renkoji Temple in Japan? .

y Ans.: Subhash Chandra Bose .

y 120. Which actor and director both made their debut in the Kannada film 'Pallavi Anu Pallavi'? .

: Maniratnam and Anil KApoor .y Ans.

y 121. What is the name of the play by Girish Karnad dealing with Basavanna and his Sharanas? .

: Ghatashraddha .y Ans.

y 122. Who founded the Mysore Bank now known as the State Bank of Mysore? .

Vishweshvarayya .: Sir M.y Ans.

Who is the Indian God of Medicine? .y 123.

: Dhanvantri .y Ans.

Which of India's greatest freedom fighters got his name because his familywere originally sellers of perfume? .y 124.

y Ans.: Gandhi from gandha .

By what name was it known inKarnataka? . The Chipko movement was found to save trees from destruction.y 125.

y Ans.: Appiko Movement .

y 126. The letters that he wrote to his daughter from jail were published as a book 'Letters from afather to a daughter' . Name both.? .

: Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira GAndhi .y Ans.

y 127. Which state has the distinction of having the most Jnanpith Award winners? .

y Ans.: Karnataka .

y 128. Who promotes Kannada theatre through his troupe called Rangayana? .

: B V Karanth .y Ans.

y 129. Which great writer and poet introduced and promoted the sport of Judo in India? .

: Rabindranath TAgore .y Ans.

Who wrote the book "The God of Small Things' which won the Booker Prize last year? .y 130.

: Arundhati Roy .y Ans.

y 131. Which international airline is named after the vahana of Lord Vishnu? .

: Garuda Indonesia .y Ans.

y 132. Subhash Chandra Bose renamed what as ³Shaheed´ and ³Swaraj´? .

: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands .y Ans.

By what name was the women¶s regiment of the INA known? .y 133.

y Ans.: Rani Jhansi Regiment .

Which political party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose? .y 134.

y Ans.: The Forward Bloc .

Which nationalist slogan of India was coined by Netaji? .y 135.

y Ans.: Jai Hind .

In which city was the INA found? .y 136.

: Singapore .y Ans.

y 137. The Gadag Co-operative Society is the only one in the whole country licensed to manufacture what? .

y Ans.: The National Flag .

y 138. Which Kannada author wrote under the pen name µSrinivasa¶? .

: Masti Venkatesha Iyengar .y Ans.

Why did Kempegowda name the two tanks he built in Bangalore as Kempambudhi and Dharmambudhi? .y 139.

: It was after his two wives .y Ans.

The GPO circle near Vidhana Soudha was renamed as Meese Thimmaiah Circle. Why? .y 140.

y Ans.: In honour of the traffic constable µmeese Thimmaiah¶ who was killed in an mishap on duty .

y 141. Where in Bangalore would you find the lines µGovernment¶s work is God¶s Work¶? .

: On the Vidhana Soudha .y Ans.

The person who built Cubbon Park has something else named after himself in the city.y 142. Who? .

: Sankey Tank .y Ans.

If you went to a bar in Bombay and asked for a Sunil Gavaskar what would you get? .y 143.

: A bottle opener .y Ans.

y 144. What is the name of the jackal in Tinkle comics? .

: Chamataka .y Ans.

y 145. Who wrote it? . Ravishankar set µSaare jahan se achchaµ to tune. Pt.

y Ans.: Mohammed Iqbal .

Which Kannada film won the National Award for Best Film this year? .y 146.

: Thayi Saaheba .y Ans.

y 147. Which Kannada writer said µNaane Kannadakke kaavalu naayi¶? .

y Ans.: B.M.Sri .

y 148. Whom did the British refer to as ³Typical Ass¶ .

y Ans.Kailasam .P.: T.

y 149. Which Indian wrote a treatise on mathematics called µLilavati¶? .

: Bhaskaracharya .y Ans.

y 150. What in the Indian constitution is called the 52 second rule? .

y Ans.: That the duration of the National Anthem is 52 seconds .

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