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10/30/2010 2 . there has a demands from customers indeed.Feasibility Analysis y Feasibility analysis is the process of determining if a business idea is viable to proceed. namely souvenir and medal products has high potential to implement because Jalur Setia owner said. y There are 4 component of feasibility analysis: 1) Product/service y y An Assessment of the overall appeal of the product or service being proposed. Our proposal to introduce new product.

2) Industry/Market y An assessment of the overall appeal of the market for the product or service being proposed. y Innovation proposal that to produce souvenir and medal products is proper to implement because there are demands from customer themselves. y This showed that the competition is not too obvious in souvenir and medals products market. y An innovation that want to do in the business have to measure how its respond to customer and competitor. 10/30/2010 3 . the market shouldn t too congested so that high profit margin can be achieved.Cont. y Besides.

and resources to successfully launch the innovation. technical competencies. the company is difficult to promote its new products without the effective promotion based on types of customer and target market. identified potential customers and unidentified potential customer. 3) Organizational y Conducted to determine whether a proposed business has sufficient management expertise. y y y There are 3 types of customers that firm must contemplate: current customers. The classification of customers is a valuable first pass at segmenting the market because its provides a structure that is powerful in focusing its proper marketing efforts. 10/30/2010 4 . Therefore.Cont. Jalur Setia informed us that its has no target market. organizational competence.

Moreover. From aspect non-financial resources. This encourage customers information about the business existence and make easy for customer to come. Jalur Setia has strategic location that is located in housing and shop lot area. The absence of effective marketing system. 5 10/30/2010 . cause difficulty to make sure good customers respond. From management/organizational competencies.Cont. an insufficiency of expertise and experience will make implementation process this innovation to be difficult. the company s workers probably are not enough to produce new products. y y y Jalur Setia showed a lack of equipment become a obstacle to produce medal and souvenir products.

Jalur Setia Company capable to implement our innovation idea from product feasibility analysis. y From feasibility analysis above. organizational and financial feasibility analysis that should be repair before the innovation idea can be implemented. 4) Financial y An analysis to determine whether the firm has a capability to carry out the innovation idea from aspect financial. and overall attractiveness of the investment. 10/30/2010 6 . there are weaknesses from industry. y The company don t has enough capital for new product production on this time. y Three important issues to consider are capital requirements. However. financial rate of return.Cont.

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