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Unit 2 Smart cars

Do you want to own a car?

 Please state out your reason.
Listen to the tape and answer the
following questions
1.According to the song, will the world be a better
or worse place in a few hundred years’ time?
2.Will the use of drugs to change the way we think
and feel be common in the future?
3.What does the song writer feel about the future?
Is he optimistic or not?
4.Do you share the views of the song writer about
the effects of modern science and technology
on man in the future?
Free writing
*Finish it in ten minutes
*You may begin with the sentences:
A. If I could afford a car, I will buy one
without hesitation because…….
B. Even if I could afford a car, I may not
actually want to drive one because…...
*State your viewpoints to the other students
in your group.
For students:
The merits and demerits of cars.

Some scientists and engineers come up with

the idea of a “smart car”. Let’s have a look
at what “smart car” is.
Smart Cars
Relevant Information:
1.The invention of cars
2.Some famous brands of cars.
3.Automobile industry.
The invention of cars
The first self-propelled car was built by
Nicolas Cugnot in 1769 which could attain
speeds of up to 6 kms/hour. In 1771 he
again designed another steam-driven
engine which ran so fast that it rammed
into a wall, recording the
world’s first accident.
Some famous brands of cars
General Motors
Ford Motor Company
DaimlerChrysler (戴姆勒-克莱斯勒)
General Motors
 General Motors (GM) has steered around
competitors to remain the world's #1 maker of cars
and trucks, with brands such as Buick, Cadillac,
Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, and
Oldsmobile (which is being discontinued).
Ford Motor Company
 Ford Motor Company offers a wealth of
variety to the automotive consumer.
Vehicle Brands Ford Lincoln Mercury Mazda
Volvo Jaguar
Land Rover
Aston Martin
DaimlerChrysler (戴姆勒-克莱斯勒):
 DaimlerChryslers’ passenger car brands include
Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep®,
Dodge and smart. Commercial vehicle brands
 Mercedes-Benz,
 Freightliner,
 Sterling, Western
 Star and Setra..
 Toyota
is a world famous brand of cars. The
company is in Japan.
 This
brand has stood for more than 100
years. It is a German company.
Party I (P1~P3)
1.Words and Expressions
(1).Turn sth. into/become a reality
eg. Working at home and communicating with fellow
workers via their PCs has become a reality for some.
(2).lucarative:producing much money;profitable
eg: Many ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in
private security firms.
(3).Presently: at the present time, now; after a short time;
eg: We presently have no planes to expand our business
overseas, but that may well change in the future.
(4).manufacture: make goods on a large scale using
machinery Eg: Britain now manufactures approximately
40 percent of Europe’s desktop computers
2.Main Idea: New technology will have a dramatic impact
on cars and highways in the 21st century.
3.How to distinguish opinions and factual statements.
4.Answer Questions 1and2
1) How important wasthe automobile industry in the
twentieth century?
2) What will happen to cars and roads in the twenty-first
Part II (P4~P9)
1.Words and Expressions
5).approximately: fairly correct or accurate but not completely
eg: Approximately $150 million is to be spent on
improvements on school buildings.
6).eliminate: remove, is not wanted or
needed;get rid of (eliminate sth.; eliminate sth. from sth.)
eg: If you think you may be allergic to a food ordrink,
eliminate it from your diet.
7).vapor: a mass of tiny drops
eg: Pure steam is a dry and invisible vapor.
8).In the air :in the earth’s atmosphere; uncertint, not yet
decided eg: There is a peculiar smell in the air.
9).Start up: begin or begin working, running, happening, etc;
eg: Peter looked in his mirror and started up the engine.
10). alert: warn sb. That there may be danger, trouble, etc.
(alert sb.; alert sb. to sth.)
eg: Why weren’t the police alerted?
11). lane: a division of a road, street, or highway wide
enough for a single line of motor vechicles
eg: The newly-built highway have two lanes for each
diretion of travel.
12).prototype: the first model or design of sth. from which
other forms are copied or developed
eg: Toyota released its small-car prototype in 1947.
13). monotonous: dull and never changing or varying;
constant and boring eg: In the 1970s we had a
monotonous died of rice and vegetables.
14). hazard: a thing that can be dangerous or
cause damage; a danger or risk
eg: Smog developed into a major heath hazard
by the 20th century
15). get/be stuck in(sth.): be unable to move or to
be moved
eg: I was stuck at home with flu.
16).satellite: an electronic that is sent into space
and moves round a planet
eg: The first artificial satellite was launched in
17).They make it possible: Pay attention to the
structure v+ adj. + to do (see Structure Exercise
18).To within about a hundred feet: double
prepositions (see Structure Exercise 1)
19).vibrate: (cause sth. to ) move rapidly and
continuously backwards; shake
eg: The whole house vibrates whenever a heavy
truck passes.
20).frequency: the rate at which sth. Happens or is
repeated, usu measured over a particular period
of time
Eg: My computer broke down with increasing frequency.
21). Send out: transit (a signal, etc.) by radio waves
eg: The yacht sent out a distress signal which was picked
up by a passing steamer.
22). convert: change from one form or use to another
(followed by into/to)
eg: The singnal will be converted into digital code.
23).correlate: have a mutual relationship or connection, in
which one thing affects or depends on another (followed
by with/to)
eg: A mother’s smoking in pregnancy correlates with low
birth weight in her baby.
2.Main Idea: With the aid of advanced technology,
smart cars will be so designed that they can help
eliminate traffic accidents, determine their own
precise locations and warn of traffic jams.
3.Do Text organization Exercise 2.
Part III (P10~P13)
1.Words and Expressions
24). application: the action or an instance of putting a
theory, discovery, etc to practical use
eg: The application of the new invention will bring
great profits to the company.
25). Be poised to : be ready to take action at any
eg : It is reported that US forces are poised to attack
26).highway:a main road that links towns and cities
eg: Traffic along major highways in some cities is
monitored by remote cameras, radar, or sensors in
the roadway.
27).Mount:fix (sth.) in position for use, display or
study; put (sth) into place on a support
eg: Some automobiles were designed with a
transmission mounted on the rear axle
28).Magnetic:having the properties of a magnet
eg: Rubber is not magnetic.
29). Take control of: control
eg: The new government has take the control of his
30).bunch:group together (both active and passive)
eg: The runners were still bunched together on the
31).incorporate: make (sth) part of a whole
eg: His newly published book incorporates his
earlier essay.
32). as well as: too eg: She wanted to produce the and play
and to direct it as well.
33).decrease: become or make sth. smaller or fewer
eg: A single solar cooker can save a ton of firewood per
year snd decreases carbon dioxide emissions.
34). Pollution:the process of polluting or the state of being
polluted eg: One of the greatest challenges caused by
air pollution is global warming.
35). expansion: the process of becoming greater in size,
extent, or importance eg: Under heat the mental
undergoes considerable expansion.
2.Main Idea:
GPS and “telematics” will make it possible
to build smart highways, which will benefit
us in more than one way.

Complete the following, using the words or phrases
in brackets. Make additions or changes where
1) Expanded use of computer technology,
development of stronger and lighter materials, and
research ______ control will produce better, and
“smarter” automobiles. In the 1980s the notion that
a car would “talk” to its drivers was science
fiction” by the 1990s it ______, more or less.
______ automobile companies such as GM
and Nissan ______ launch new advertising
campaigns for their smart cars. (become a
reality, pollution, be poised to, presently)
2) Sounds are produced by objects ______
in the air at a rate that the ear can detect.
This rate is called _______ and is measured
in hertz or vibration per second. (frequency,
3) Reflective devices are more visible at night
and used in some locations to mark
______ and other significant places on the
road. What’s more, automated vehicle-
control technologies ________ under
development to improve ______ safety.
These devices ______ in the vehicle and
can ______ driver to an _______ impending
(即将发生的) _______ or, in an
emergency, override (不顾) the actions of
the drivers. (mount, highway, hazard, lane,
alert, presently)

1)in/into pollution , had become a reality ,

Presently, are poised to ,
2) that vibrate, frequency
3) are presently, highway, are mounted,
alert a, hazard
Comprehensive Exercises

 The automobile industry is one of the most

important industries in the world, affecting
not only the economy but also the cultures
of the world. It provides jobs ______ (1)
millions of people, generates billions of
dollars in worldwide revenues, and provides
the basis for a multitude of related service
and support industries. Automobiles
revolutionized transportation
in the 20th century, changing forever the
_______ (2) people live, travel, and do
The automobiles has _______ (3) people
to travel and transport goods _______ (4)
and faster, and has opened up new market
opportunities for business and commerce.
The auto industry has also _______ (5) the
overall costs of
transportation ______ (6)using methods such
as mass production (making large _______
(7) of a product within a short period of
time), mass marketing (selling products
nationally rather than _______ (8), and
globalization(全球化)of production
(assembling products with parts made
______ (9). A century later, _______
(10) automakers and auto
buyers expanding globally, automaking
became the world’s largest _______ (11)
activity, with more than 53 million new
vehicles built each year worldwide.
______ (12) a result of easier and faster
transportation, the United States and world
economies have become dependent _____
(13)the mobility has allowed remote
populations to interact with one another,
________ (15) has increased commerce.
The transportation of goods to consumers
and consumers to goods has become n
industry in ______ (16)。 However
automobile has also caused some
_______(17), such as air pollution,
congested traffic, _______ (18) increasesd
highway fatalities. __________ (19),
the automobile industry is _______ (20) to be
an important source of employment for
millions of people worldwide.
1.for 2.way 3. enabled 4.father
5.decreased/reduced 7.quantities
8.locally 9.worldwide 10. with
11.manufacturing 12.As 13.on/upon
14.provide 15.which 16.itself
17. problems/hazards 18.and
19.nevertheless 20. continuing
 Translate the following passage into English, using
the words and phrases given below.
eliminate as well satellite hazard
application pollution manufacture

system), 燃料,设计以及制造汽车的手段在过去的
Automobiles changed the world during the
20th century, particularly in the United States
and other industrialized nations. They are
indeed of great use to us, but they have
brought some hazards as well, such as
noise and air pollution, and highway
fatalities. It is reported that automobile
accidents rank among the leading causes of
death or injury
throughout the world. Fortunately modern
innovators are reinventing the automobile.
New propulsion systems, fuels, designs, and
means of manufacturing cars have all
developed rapidly in the past decade. For
example, by using the satellite-aided global
positioning system (GPS), a computer in the
automobile can locate the
vehicle’s precise position, and with the
application of sensors, smart cars can
eliminate most cars accidents.
Keys for Text B
Comprehension Check:
1.A 2.c 3.c 4.d 5.b 6.b
Language Practice
1.introdution 2.outlines 3.diverse
4. feasible cooperation with
6. assembly 7.At the start of
8. implications 9.perceive
10.realistic 11.appropriate means of 13.component
14.implemented 15. thereby
16. permanent 17.exposure
18. equivalent 19. matures
20. en route