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w"Digital Jewellery" looks to be the next sizzling fashion trend

wcombination of shrinking computer devices and increasing computer


wconcept is to communicate to others by means of wireless appliances


wfashion jewelry with embedded intelligence

wcontain personal information like passwords, identification, and

account information

wpotential to be all-in-one replacements for your driver͛s license,

key chain, business cards etc

wGor a digital jewellery cell phone,each piece of jewellery will

contain a fraction of the components found in a conventional
mobile phone

wMicrophone receiver,touchpad,display,circuit board,antenna and


wIBM develops prototypes and cellphone

pieces of computerized-jewelry phone and their functions

wEarrings - Speakers embedded

wNecklace - embedded microphone.

wRing - light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

wBracelet - Equipped with a video graphics array (VGA) display


ÑIBM developed this technology

Ñwirelessly move the cursor on a computer-monitor display

ÑIBM Researchers have transferred TrackPoint technology to a


ÑThis Track Point ring shrink to the size of watch face

Mharmed Technology

Ñ IBM developed this technology

Ñ a futuristic-looking eyepiece display

Ñ can be used as an MP3 player, video player and cell phone

Ñ runs on the company's Linux-based Nanix operating system


wconsist of a screen or display for information

wdisplay layer enclosed in some material such as plastic, metal, crystal, or

other material

whas external switches and a micro controller


wevery alphabet and number system has found representation within the
electronics realm and 'dot-matrix' of single LEDs

wdifferent sizes and shapes with a variety of materials

wdisplay information through a screen or display -LEDs devices to LMDs,


wsimilar to beads

w One bead may be a capacitor on the inside, and a solar panel

on the outside

wAnother bead may have an internal resistor


   !   "   


wlock and key

wstainless steel ring

wJava Ring is snapped into a reader, called a Blue Dot receptor

wStainless steel ring-16mmdiameterhousing 1 million


w134 KB RAM, 32 KB ROM




 !" !# $ % 

wRuns Java better (plus portions enhance Java Mard 2.0)

wMareful attention to physical security (rapid zeroization)

wDurability to stand up to everyday use

wHigh memory capacity (up to 134K bytes NV SRAM)

wRetail connectivity to 250 million existing computers (less if

designed-in before manufacturing)

The basic idea behind the digital jewelry concept

is to have the convenience of wireless,
wearable computers while remaining
fashionably sound. It is hoped to be marketable
soon, however, several bugs remain.
Mharging capabilities and cost are just a
sample of the problems that lurk.

wMobile Mommunications --Jochen Schiller

wBluetooth Monnect without Mables--Jennifer Bray and Mharles G Sturman
wMellular & Mobile Mommunicationsʹ LEE