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¢ developing ince 

¢ lat panel diplay technology 

¢ aic theory electron can excite a phophor coating

¢ electron tunnel hen omarded y moderate voltage

¢ electron excite phophor coating

¢advantage provide ith a et mix o oth the technologie

¢comine the lim orm actor o  ith the uperior contrat ratio

¢exceptional repone time

¢etter picture uality

¢more rightne color per ormance

¢vieing angle

¢conume very le poer

¢do not reuire a de lection ytem or the electron eam

V   #     $    !   

typically a ide a they are deep

V !%

Mcloe to lack colour

Mgray level actually hoing up
Mpixel in a lama panel are inherently digital

Mlatency ha een a prolem

Mlimited angle o vie
M ale contouring

Manon egan  reearch in  

M ohia and anon announced a oint development agreement

M onumer electronic ho in a ega evada. ohia hoed orking
prototype o 

M ormation o  nc. in  a certainly an acknoledgement y anon

Mill ee a anon   diplay at oth  in apan tarting eptemer th
and   in a ega next anuary

Manon ha a reiue patent covering   technology


Mlectron are emitted rom the electron emiion region

Mminiature ! are called ur ace onducting lectron emitter

" #

Mthree  or every pixel one each or !ed $reen and %lue

Midecreen high de inition et can have more than  million

M  arranged in a matrix

Minclude an electron emitting device

Mportion o the inulating layer i eteen the electrode

contain ine particle o an electron emitting utance

Mhen the   receive a ignal:

.ecode the ignal

%.ecide hat to do ith the red green and lue apect o each pixel

. ctivate the neceary  hich generate electron that ly through

the vacuum to the creen

Mchen the electron hit the phophor

rain comine them to orm a coheive picture.
create the entire picture every time.
$#! $  (V?

Melectron gun o 

Mpalladium trip aricated y hydrogen aorption under high

preure treatment

Medge roughne o the nanogap improve the electron

emiion chara

Mcurrent i dependent upon the angle o inclination o ur ace

MHydrogen plama treatment i ued to increae the edge


M&or eparation o  nm the turn on voltage igni icantly

reduce rom  to  

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? !%   V !%

M "  $  $

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M " "#

M# "$  

M     $   ## "$ 

M #   "# #  &


M "  $  ""$ '   $  

  $ "$'  

M  $   # #" $   ! 


M $  "  "$ ' 

M   # "# $(


M ontrat ratio ':.

M!epone time . milliecond.

M %rightne o ' cd/m.

M  ( ieing angle.

M ieale in %right room

M t can e ued in oile device diplay

M o poer conumption.

M onger li e expectancy

 ill e the next generation diplay technology

in the near y uture.Hope ully e ill ee a anon
  diplay at oth  in apan tarting
eptemer th and   in a ega next anuary.
!eiue patent covering   technology may e
the eginning o anon attempt to produce 
panel ithout uing the ano roprietary patented

M anotechnology  ranaction on olume

 ue  uly  .

M  paper on anotechnology epartment o ommunication ngineering



M .electronic.hotu

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