7 Habits for Effective Customer Service

Joan Conger, MLIS, MA.OD


Name, department, role A key customer service issue

Main Job Today ± New Story 

Story we tell determines our action, reaction Change my inner story, change outer reality Not changing behavior = quick fix Changing fundamental principles = mastery 

Creating new habits takes time and attention Spiral of incremental, continuous growth

Developing Mastery    Dependence ± You do/change for me Independence ± I choose for myself Interdependence ± We create together .

You .Interdependence ± We (Habits 4-6) Independence ± I (Habits 1-3) Dependence .

Developing Mastery    Dependence ± you do/change for me Independence ± I choose for myself Interdependence ± We create together Never impose as a rule before right time Allow to emerge from inner shifts in story  Volunteers treated as committing from inside .

Mastery = Balance   Self-mastery = self-reliance = Habits 1-3 Relational mastery = respect = Habits 4-6 Relation Self .

´ envisioned reality Capacity is relationship. emergent process    .Mastery = Balance   Self-mastery = self-reliance = Habits 1-3 Relational mastery = respect = Habits 4-6 Mastery balances results with capacity Results are ³things.

Results Relation Habits 4-6 Capacity & Process Results Self Habits 1-3 .

describe a key issue whose resolution would make your life easier.Exercise Your Own Key Customer Service Issue Out of entire flow of customer service activities. .

Part 1: Inner Mastery   Habit 1 ± Freedom to Choose Become aware of my own needs Results: Choose between reacting and Accepting response-ability Process: Refocus where I put my energy Circle of Concern ± others¶ failings. solutions    . problems Circle of Influence ± self-aware.

What are my Concerns? What do I Influence? Response-ability Response-ability Self Habit 1: Freedom to Choose .

then act (Habit 3) Process: Shift from duty to purpose Thing-centered ± sources of security Principle-centered ± sources of Truth    .Habit 2 Begin with End in Mind  Be able to clearly state my own need Results: All results are created twice Envision its Truth first.

External duties External securities Internal Truths Envisioned results Envisioned results Self Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind .

Habit 3 Put First Things First  Be able to act to meet my needs meaningfully Results: Meaningful priorities allow Exercise of independent will toward fulfillment Process: Shift from efficient to effective Urgent ± reacting to next emergency Important ± prepare to not have emergencies    .

Checklists Calendaring Prioritization Stewardship ³Do not do´ lists People before things Meaningful Priorities Meaningful Priorities Self Habit 3: Put First Things First .

relationship.Exercise Think about to your customer service issue and imagine a crisis that might occur in the next few weeks:    Habit 1: How could you react? How could you respond proactively? Habit 2: What is the thing-center? What is the principle-center? Habit 3: Look back several weeks. what would head it off with stewardship. principle? .

What opportunities does a problem point to?    . Begin with end in mind.Part 2: Relational Mastery  Emotional Bank Account / Care and Feeding Must come from within Personal Mastery: Be proactive. First things first.

Results Capacity Results Relation Habits 4-6 Self .

transformation. not reducing.Habit 4: Think Win/Win  Constantly seeks mutual benefit Results: All parties¶ needs are met It¶s the system not the individual Process: Increasing. transaction. creativity    . law (³ought to´) Abundance. resources Scarcity.

Scarcity Transaction ³oughts´ Abundance Transformation Creativity Trust. clarity Meaningful Priorities Relation Habit 4: Think Win/Win Meaningful Priorities .

Habit 5: Seek first to Understand. rephrase feeling    . affirmed. rephrase content 90-70% Transform. survival Results: Giving space for their Truth Be understood. logic. appreciated Process: Giving them space. opening myself 10-30% Transaction. validated. emotion. then to be Understood  Empathic listening ensures psych.

Transaction Logic Explanation Transformation Trust. clarity Affirmation Emotion Giving Space Relation Giving Space Habit 5: Seek first to understand .

´ all needs can be met. Habit 5: What conversational content is transactional? What content emotional? . (b) From the opinion that everyone can ³win.Exercise Think about to your customer service issue and imagine a crisis that might occur in the next few weeks:   Habit 4: (a) Describe the situation from the opinion that someone has to ³lose´ or give up something.

Habit 6: Synergize  Authenticity combines to create powerful novelty Results: Difference creates unseen third option Requires safety. courage. existing ³rules´ Seek the power in the driving/restraining forces    . creativity Process: Value the potential inside difference Do not start from preconception. respect.

creativity Difference Possibility Relation Habit 6: Synergize Third Option Third Option . courage Respect.Preconceived solutions Existing ³rules´ Safety.

spiritual. security. social/emotional Process: Spiral of self awareness and action Move away from ³being lived´ by others Move toward personal freedom.Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw  Creates continuous growth in other habits Results: Balanced renewal in synergy of Physical. power    . mental.

You .Interdependence ± We (Habits 4-6) Independence ± I (Habits 1-3) Dependence .

Current Habits Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw Effective Customer Service Relation Gradual Development of New Habits Effective Customer Service Self .

(4) abundance. (2) principle/Truth. (3) meaningful priorities. .Exercise Consider the (1) circle of influence. (5) empathic understanding. (6) potential inside difference that you encountered in your service issue today ± List 5 concrete ways you can incorporate examples of these into your next six weeks.

. peaceful lives.7 Habits for Effective Customer Service With principled creativity We create powerful.

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