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No. 1
 Country of Sun Rising
 These are the characters that the Japanese use
to call their country, but of course they use their
own language with different pronunciation
Nihon Nippon
Rì Běn
6800 islands
 Population 12,66,72000
 Japanese 98%
 Chinese, Brazilian and others are 2% of total
Also known as Country of Old People
 Less fertility rate
 No. of dogs 22 million
 No. of children 6.5 million
A country that experienced large number
of earthquakes
 Average 1500 per year
 Because its 70% area consist on mountains
 Atomic attacks
 Instead all of this it is a developed country
The king of Technology
 90% mobiles are water proof
Interesting Fact
100% Literacy Rate
Bullet Train
Rabbit Island
Todaiji Temple
 Paradise of tourists
 Todaiji Temple in Nara, the world's
largest wooden building.
No. 2
Australia is made from Latin
word “Australious” which
means that is in South
Population of Australia 24.13 million

Almost 250 languages are spoken in Australia

English 72%
 Religion

Australia best place to live in the world
 Beautiful country with more than 10,000 Beaches
 Seat belt

 Land of parrot
 National game
Rugby, brought by the British, is a very
popular (and violent) sport in Australia
No. 3
 Country of Napoleon
Eiffel Tower sign of freedom
 Religion 63% Christians and 8% Muslims
National Language
 French
 Gallic Rooster is an unofficial national symbol of
France as nation.
 A French bread, symbol of French culture
Interesting Fact
No. 4
The Planned Birth policy of the
government of the People's Republic
of China is known as the One-child
One Child Policy Advantages
Control Population
China is ranked having second highest
rate in the world due to pressure of producing
desire child.
Not being the desire child
Number of women is less than men
China full name is “Republic of China

birth rate is 0.4%.

Population 1.379 Billions

Area 9.597 million km²

the Third largest country in the world.

Dog meat festival in China
Largest graveyard of the world
 6,700 km long from east to west
Every year 1,60,000,00 dogs are
eaten in China and for tasty food
40,000 cats are killed
National Game
Table Tennis

Martial Art
Work burden
 80 billion sets of chopsticks are produced annually
Foot binding was started in 10th centaury and
ended in 1911.