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Mood of a Story

Lesson 03
Learning Outcomes

 Discuss the mood as an element of a short story

 List words that express emotions of a selection
 Point out the feelings expressed by the sentence
in the selection
 Describe the characters in relation with the mood
of the story
 Mood is the feeling or atmosphere that an author
creates in a literary work.
 It can suggest an emotion, such as fear or joy; it
can also suggest the quality of a setting, such as
gloomy or airiness.
 if an author described marriage separation as
sad, lonely and disgust, a pensive mood would
have been created
Below are lines that suggest feelings or
 The death of a loved family member.
 Winning a championship game in some sport
following several losing seasons.
 Waking after a full night of sleep and
remembering that the entire day is free to do
exactly as one pleases.
 Waking from two hours of sleep and remembering
that one must explain the car’s shattered front
windshield to ones parents.
In this set of examples, note the darkened
words. They are examples of words that
suggest mood
 A child is terrified of a huge, menacing dog that is
chained up next to the sidewalk where the child must
 A child is so excited when s/he learns s/he will be
going on a vacation to Disneyland World in two days.

 An adult watching a TV show that his/her children

chose to watch is bored.

 A furious teenager is walking toward a bedroom after

being grounded.
Do this!
 Identify the words that suggest/s the mood
expressed in each sentence..
1. I am hopeful for a better result of my
a. better
b. hopeful
c. result
d. examination
2. My son worries about his lost cell phone.
a. lost
b. cell phone
c. son
d. worries

3. Gina longs for her parents in the Philippines.

a. parents
b. Gina
c. longs
d. Philippines
4. Louie stays calm after learning the result of the
Math quiz.
a. calm
b. learning the result
c. math quiz
d. stays

5. The tiger runs after its prey furiously.

a. tiger runs
b. after its prey
c. furiously
d. runs after