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Biophysical profile

Prepared by:

Dr. Kasturi Malla

Senior Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician: Government of Nepal

Visiting Professor: CTGU
Biophysical profile scoring
Observation for 30min: Normal=2; Abnormal=0;

Parameters Minimal normal criteria Score

1. NST Reactive 2

2. Fetal breathing 1 episode lasting >30sec. 2


3. Gross body 3 discrete body or limb 2

movements movements

4. Fetal muscle tone 1Episode of extension of limb 2

or trunk with return of flexion

5. Amniotic fluid 1 pocket >2cm in 2 2

perpendicular planes
Management based on BPP score

BPP score Interpretation Management

8-10 No fetal asphyxia Repeat test weekly

6 Chronic asphyxia If >36wks  deliver

4 Chronic asphyxia If >36wks  deliver;

If <32wksrepeat test in 4-6hrs

0-2 Certain asphyxia Test for 2hrs  persistent

score <4  deliver