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A study on Effectiveness of

Training & Development at BIG



• Introduction
• Aim/Objective of the study
• Overview of the Topic
• Hypothesis
• Data Analysis
• Conclusion
 Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India currently with
140 outlets.

 It is owned by Future Group. It works on the same economy model

as Wal-Mart and has been successful in many Indian cities and
small towns.

 Currently Big Bazaar stores are located only in India. It is the fastest
growing chain of department stores.

 Big Bazaar is the destination where you get products available at

prices lower than the MRP, setting a new level of standard in price,
convenience and quality.
• To know and evaluate the skills of the employees required to
perform his/ her job or operate a system & softwares .

• To study the various training programmes organized by the

company and their effectiveness on employees.

• To understand the programmes and their impact on the employees

of Big Bazaar Nagpur.

• To analyze the views and opinions of the employees regarding the

programmes provided at Big Bazaar.

• To find out the satisfaction levels of the employees.

Human Resource Management in
Big Bazaar
• The HR department of Big Bazaar is very dynamic.

• Employees are the biggest strength and asset of any organization

and the HR dept realizes this very well.

• This is very evident from the way the HR department handles all its

• They take utmost care to select, train, motivate and retain all the
• There are two shifts for the employees. The first shift employees
arrive at 10AM in the morning and leave at 7.30 in the evening,
while the second shift employees report at 12.30 in the afternoon
and leave at the time of Store closing (10pm).


1.Training means learning skills and 1.Development means growth of an
knowledge for doing a specific job. employees in all respects.
2.It is concerned with maintaining and 2.It seeks to develop competence and
improving current job performance. skills for future performance. Thus, it
Thus, it has short-term perspective. has a long-term perspective.
3.It is job-centered in nature. 3.It is career-centered in nature.
4.The executives has to be motivated
4.Role of trainer is very important.
internally for self development.

Hypothesis development is very important because acceptance and

the rejection of hypothesis show the significance of the study.
Therefore our first hypothesis is:

• Designing of appropriate Training & Development Module has

significant effect on the employee’s performance.

• On the job training has significant effect on the organizational

performance. Employees get practical exposure and perform

• Delivery style has significant effect on the organizational

Future Group’s Vision

• “To Deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time, to Every Indian

Customer in the most profitable manner.”

• One of the core values at Future Group is, ‘Indianness’ and its
corporate credo is – “Rewrite rules, Retain values.”
Future Group’s Mission:
• We share the vision and belief.
• We will be the trendsetters.
• We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed
• We shall be efficient and, cost-conscious and committed to quality
in whatever we do.
• We shall ensure that out positive attitude, sincerity, humility and
united determination shall be the driving force to make us
Training & Development
• Future group has its own training division for all its employees,
known as ‘Future Learning & Development Limited’ (FLDL). All the
employees are given training for 20 days in a year spread over
different periods.

• ‘Gurukul’ which is a part of FLDL gives training to all the employees

on various skills like team work, dedication discipline improving
customer service etc to make them more knowledgeable and
Recruitment & Selection in Big

• Consultancy Services
• Walk-ins
• Employee Referrals
• Campus Recruitment
Selection process
• Interview
• Psychometric Tests
• Group Discussion
Induction training programme
• New employees selected are given a 13 day induction and training

• They are given information about the company’s business, different

departments etc.

• They are informed of their roles, duties and responsibilities.

• They are informed about the HR policies and rules of the company.
• Need of Training arises at following Times:
– Induction
– Sales Staff in direct contact with customers
– Communication Knowledge
– Product Knowledge
– Company Policies on Return
– Knowledge of the workplace
– Market Awareness
– Personal Grooming
– Skill enhancements
Compensation and rewards
• The employees are rewarded suitably with attractive pay packages.
The salary of an employee includes basic pay. HRA, special
allowance, Medical claim etc. Annual bonus will be given at the
time of Diwali.
• The employees and their dependents are also entitled for medical
treatment in recognized hospitals with cashless hospitalization

• Along with these all the employees are given a card known as
‘Employee Discount card’ (EDC) through which they can buy any
product at Big Bazaar at a special discount of 20-30 %.
Q 1. Your organization considers training as a part of
organizational strategy. Do you agree with this

No of Strongly Somewhat
Agree Disagree
employees agree agree

20 08 10 01 01
Q 1. Your organization considers training as a part of
organizational strategy. Do you agree with this statement?
Q.2 To whom training is given more in your organization?

No. of New staff Junior Senior Based on

employees staff staff requirement

20 8 2 8 2
Q.2 To whom training is given more in your organization?
Q.3 What are the barriers to training and development in
your firm?

No of Time Lack of Money Non

employees interest availability of
skilled trainer
20 07 08 03 02
Q.4 What mode of training method is used in your firm?

No of Job Conference/ External Programmed

employees relation Discussion training instruction

20 06 08 03 03
Q.5 “ Training and development sessions conducted in
your firm are useful.”
Do you agree with this statement?

No of Strongly Agree Disagree Somewhat

employees agree agree

20 05 13 01 01
Q.6 How well the workplace of the training is physically

No of Excellent Good Bad Average


20 13 O5 01 01
Q.7 What are the conditions that have to be improved
during training sessions?

No of Re-design Remove Re Up grade

employees the interference organise the
workplace the work information
20 11 03 02 04
Q.8 What are the general complaints about training

No of Time Gaps Training Sessions

employees Wastage between sessions are
the are boring.
sessions unplanned
20 14 04 01 01
The organization follows the rules and regulation involved
in their recruitment and process of the organization.
However, there is some scope for improvement with
regard to following:
• Maximum number of the employees finds healthy environment at
the work place.
• Maximum employees said that they get help whenever they
• Employees are satisfied with the training and development
programmes given to them
• Lack of interest in employees act as a barrier in training
• Training should be a continuous process i.e., it should be
imparted at regular intervals.
• The duration of training program should be less and
details should be precise and accurate.
• HR department should conduct seminars on some vital
topics so that employees are always motivated and
encouraged to work.
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