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Bhatnagar(04) Ajay dalal(05) Animesh Chaudhury(14)
Reservoir Drive Mechanism 1

Š Š Š Š What is Reservoir drives? Types of reservoir drives Dissolved gas drive Gas cap drive Reservoir Drive Mechanism 2 .

Š Š Š What causes hydrocarbons in the reservoir to move to the wellbore ? Which forces should be supported or pushed back ? Where and how should secondary recovery strategies be implemented? Reservoir Drive Mechanism 3 .

This energy that drives the oil and gas is called the reservoir drive or reservoir energy.rock expansion and gravity. Reservoir Drive Mechanism 4 .Š Š Š Pressure on the fluids in a reservoir rock causes the fluids to flow through the pores into the well. This energy comes from fluid expansion.

5. 4. Dissolved Gas drive Gas Cap Drive Water Drive Gravity Drainage Combination Drive Reservoir Drive Mechanism 5 .1. 2. 3.

Natural gas is dissolved in oil in reservoir under high pressure When well is drilled.pressure decreses Gas bubble out of the oil forcing oil to move through the rock into the well Reservoir Drive Mechanism 6 .Š Š Š Š Also known as solution-gas or depletion drive.

Reservoir Drive Mechanism 7 . The gas expands in the pore spaces and pushes the reservoir oil through the pore to a production well. When oil is produced from the reservoir.Š Š Š Š The recovery efficiency is 5 to 30%. reservoir pressure decreases and dissolved gas bubbles out. Natural gas is dissolved at subsurface pressure in the reservoir.

As the pressure gradient decreases the free gas comes out continuously and forms a gas expansion pool.   During the producing life of a dissolved gas pool a time comes when the reservoir pressure is reduced to the saturation pressure and free gas comes out The free gas continues to accumulate at the top of the reservoir and become a secondary free gas cap. Reservoir Drive Mechanism 8 .

   As secondary gas cap is formed it develops a high gas oil ratio The reservoir energy may be renewed by injecting gas under pressure into the reservoir through neighboring intake wells The process of maintaining the reservoir pressure near its original height through the injection of free gas into the reservoir is called pressure maintenance or repressuring Reservoir Drive Mechanism 9 .

 The pressure is also maintained through the injection of water under pressure is called water flooding The production mechanics that govern oil production from a natural Dissolved-gas drive and from an artificial or repressurred gas drive are similar  Reservoir Drive Mechanism 10 .

Reservoir Drive Mechanism 11 .

Reservoir Drive Mechanism 12 .

     Reservoir pressure Surface gas-oil ratio Water production Well behavior Expected oil recovery Reservoir Drive Mechanism 13 .

Š THANK YOU Reservoir Drive Mechanism 14 .

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