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Oracle Data Visualization FY17 – Campaign Marketing Analytics

Challenge Statements:
Do you have the strategic insights you need to measure and shape marketing’s
contribution to the business? Did you know analytic-driven marketing
organizations can experience Increased conversion rates, faster adaption to
customer demand, higher returns on investment of cross-channel campaigns?
Elevator Pitch: Unique Capabilities
START your Campaign Analytics Journey, and • Integrated analytics platform to provide
expand beyond marketing automation system users access to blend corporate curated
data, SEE new Campaign Signals, and visually
marketing data and external or personal
blend additional data sources for greater SOLUTION SUMMARY
insight, and SCALE your Campaign Insights, to Data Visualization Cloud Service is:
measure omni-channel performance at any • Fast and easy platform for analytics with
scale. smart connected capabilities and stunning
Visual. Rich, interactive visuals show
Customer Problems visualizations
the story in your data and make it easy
• Marketing data is siloed, unable to enrich to share insights.
corporate data with additional data sources Benefits
• Traditional BI Tools are difficult to use and • Increase conversion rates Easy. As easy as you expect – upload
inflexible • Faster adaption of customer demand your data, then drag and drop your way
• Organizations may want to be “data-driven” • Easily upload data from different systems to compelling analysis.
but unsure how to actually get there • Simple to learn and use our Visual
Value Statements Analytics Fast. Get more answers as quick as a
Increase Conversion Rates: Understand trends • Allows local personal data mash-up with click with fast, fluid exploration of all
and at-risk customers and market segments corporate, centralized information your data.
Discover New Patterns. Enrich marketing • Provides fast answers through
Campaign data and discover insights from • Data Visualization Smart. Decipher your data with visuals
that are automatically connected,
multiple sources to better target customers • Collaboration
Drive Multi-channel ROI. Track and deliver contextual, and
Omni-Channel improvement

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Oracle Data Visualization FY17 – Campaign Marketing Analytics

Target Audience Industry Trends and Market Facts Customer Validation
Customers: • After 20+ years BI adoption is still very low: Paychex: “I love how easy it is to create,
Marketing leaders (Line of Business) roles with 18% That’s right, only 1 in 5 business modify, enhance, and duplicate
reporting/analytics responsibility and a desire leaders actively uses analytic tools. visualizations. Little training or direction
for better data visualization. NO IT targets • More searches for “Visualization” and is required.”
“Analytics” than “BI”. Land o’Lakes: “This is a great tool for
Personas: • End user purchases becoming the norm over business users to quickly build
CMO IT for Visualization. meaningful & versatile dashboards
VP of Marketing without getting too technical.”
Marketing Manager “Some vendors know Enterprise. Some
Marketing Director vendors know Cloud. Only those that can Qualogy: “Data to knowledge in just a
Marketing Analyst provide both will be leaders.” few clicks“
-Robert Mahowald, IDC Skanska: “Now with Data Visualization,
we have something that is as visually
Discovery Questions compelling as it is easy to use. The
• Do you have the analytics to build a • Can you easily track your marketing ROI? storytelling functionality is a pivot point
world-class marketing organization? • Do you achieve quantifiable business in terms of being able to explain your
insights effectively.”
• Do you have the strengthen skills, returns?
processes and systems to be data driven? • Are you able to generate sales pipeline
• Do you struggle to launch new products influenced by marketing? KEY CONTACTS
and brands? • Do you have analytics to track buyer
• Do you need an easy way to share your advocacy for customer experience and Business Analytics Product Group
story? loyalty?
• Do you think you can improve your • Increase awareness and preference for
existing “way” of creating analytics and his/her organization and its offerings EMEA
visuals? • Does your analytics foster brand
• What are you currently doing to analyze engagement, preference and loyalty? Regional Business Development
data coming out of Eloqua, or other • Do your campaigns preserve and/or OD:
marketing software? increase company awareness? EMEA:

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