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It is important for leader and manager to get the process of setting objectives
right, as inadequately formulated objectives could guide an individual, a team
or an organization in the wrong direction. Specific and measurable objectives
provide a definition of the success of a protect or initiative.
 1. Specific – Your goal has to be specific. Some vague notion of wanting to be
bigger next year is not specific. It’s like a dieter saying they want to lose some
weight. It’s too vague. How much weight do they want to lose? How much
bigger can you grow as a convenience store business?
 2. Measurable – The goal has to be measurable. You have to be able to
measure your progress with accessible numbers that are directly indicative and
meaningful to your pursuit.
 3. Achievable – Is the goal achievable for you as a business? Reducing
shrinkage to zero may not be achievable, or as our next step says, realistic.
 4. Realistic – When looking at past performance and growth, is your goal
realistic? Remember what I said earlier about too high or too low goals. They
only serve to frustrate a high functioning team.
 Objective help to define the organization in its environment .
 Objective help in coordinating decisions and decision-makers.
 Objectives help in formulating strategies.
 Objectives provide standards for assessing organizational
 Objectives tends to constitute a hierarchy as well as a network.
 A hierarchy ranges from a broad aim to achieving specific targets.
 All but the simplest organization pursue multiple objectives.
 Objectives are not strategies.
 A formal set of procedures that establishes and reviews progress towards
common goal for managers and subordinates.
 The term “management by objectives” was first popularized by peter Drucker in
his 1954 book the practice of management.
 Drucker insisted that manager and staff member set their own objectives or at
least be actively involved in the objective-setting process.
 Formulating Goals and objectives Having a successful class teachers should formulate
good goals and Objectives
 Formulating Goals-
 Conceptualization of content ,your beliefs ,and your assessment of students’ needs
Example: Four skills, Knowledge, Attitude.
 Relationship between goals and objectives-
 Goals putting the main purpose and intended out comes of your course( purpose : what
the students should be able when they leave the course.