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 Nutrition counselling is a process of treating chronic health issues, reducing

excess weight, treating eating disorders through nutritious food .

 It believes in appropriate diet plan, weight loss programs to enhance the

individual’s wellness.

 Nutrition counselling can treat diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, obesity etc

 They focus on healthy eating habits which includes vitamins, minerals & other

In the counselling doctor tend to balance both physical & mental aspects of the

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 Diabetes is a condition when blood stores excess amount of sugar due to the
food that we consume.

 To reduce the diabetes consume high-fibrous food like whole grains, cereals,
nuts etc.

 Consume more whole fresh fruits & vegetables rather than having juice.

 Consume more protiens rich food like beans, low-fat dairy products, oats,
almonds etc.

 Do not consume rice, fried food, fast food, sweet contained food.
 Certain food eating habits can raise the risk of heart related diseases, hence it
is better to control on our diet.

 Eat food which contains healthy fats like vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil etc

 Always choose low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt, soybeans etc for proteins.

 Consume whole-grains like brown rice, whole-grain bread, cereals, oats etc.

 Eat lot of fresh vegetables & fruits. But limit coconut, frozen fruits with sugar.

 Consume sodium less food. Do not consume restaurant food as it contains mo

sodium & fats in it.
 Obesity is the condition when the person cariies excess body weight or mass.
It can due to several reasons like excess intake of calories, excess intake of sugar,
inadequate sleep etc.

 It is good to have whole grains, fruits & vegetables like wheat, brown rice etc whic
can reduce the body weight & resist from disease.

Consume nuts rich in proteins & fibers which will help you maintain the body
Weight & also keeps away from disease.

 Eat less dairy products. Even if you want to have dairy products prefer cheese,
low-fat milk.

 Consume low calories in a day which can reduce weight & reduce risk of obesity.
 Hypertension is a medical condition when the blood pressure increases in the
arteries & it is prolong disease.

 To avoid this condition consume less sodium. Eat less salt in diet.

 Eat fruits & vegetables like apple, banana, mangoes, peaches, carrot, spinach,
potato, tomato etc.

 These fruits & vegetables are rich in magnesium, potassium which helps to
reduce the blood pressure.

 Increase vegetarian food & limit non-vegetarian food.

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