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SIDPP 0 Stripping
500 SICP

If when tripping, a kick is swabbed into the

wellbore. A positive flowcheck results in the
well being shut-in. Displacement figures
show that 5 bbls has been swabbed.

As the pipe is lowered to bottom through the

closed BOP element.
The amount of volume displaced by each
stand of pipe must be bled off through the
remote choke and measured.

5 bbl 71 ft
SIDPP 0 Stripping
563 SICP
When the bit reaches the top of the
influx and continues being stripped to
bottom, mud in the annulus will start to
be displaced by the kick. This will lower
BHP resulting in an increase in the
annular pressure.

Mud Wt 16.7 ppg = 0.8660 psi/ft

Influx gradient = 0.1200 psi/ft
Reduction due to = 0.7460 psi/ft
loss of Hydrostatic
84 ft
5 bbl
84 ft x 0.7460 psi/ft = 63 psi increase
71 ft
The use of a surge bottle allows
the pipe to be stripped through
the bag without the need to
adjust the annular regulator. Surge bottles are normally
pre-charged to roughly
half of the working
pressure of the regulated
annular pressure.

Drill pipe pressure and

casing pressure will be
the same until the BHA is
lowered into the influx
and stripped to bottom.
The bit is off of bottom and a kick is
swabbed in. The well is shut in and While stripping in, a high
there is enough drill string weight to degree of stress is applied
permit the lowering of the string to annular element (bag)
through a closed BOP element.
The bags life may be severely
reduced due to HIGH
temperatures and pressures.

If well bore pressures are

too high or the bag fails,
ram to ram stripping can be
considered as an
5” DP 19.5 #/ft

2.38 bbl/stnd = Closed End Displacement

Grey Inside Full Bore
…..BOP Safety Valve
Dart Sub
Drop or Pump down non-
return inside BOP
Dart fits the sub body prior to
making up to drill string.
There are no smaller ID,s in the
drill string that will prevent dart
from reaching sub.

May be retrieved with an

overshot run on wire line
Drill String Float Valves


Cannot read SIDPP

Cannot reverse circulate

Must stop to fill drill string

Higher surge pressures

Key Points

• Maintain constant BHP

control as pipe is stripped to
• Gas migration is possible
and must be recognized
and controlled properly
• Pipe must be filled when
Annular BOP with Surge Bottle
Equipment Needs & Considerations
Key Points
• Surge Bottle - saves wear on
annular packing element

• Remote Choke - allows

Bottle bleeding volume accurately
Remote Choke
• Trip Tank - measures gas
Calibrated Trip expansion during migration

Calibrated • Strip Tank - accounts for the

Stripping Tank
volume of steel stripped into
the well