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Personality of Femina

We don't know how to save half of the human race but to save those who live in India
National Pledge of India

भारत मेरा दे श है | हम सब भारतवासी भाई बहन हैं |

मुझे अपना दे श प्राण ों से भी प्यारा है |
इसकी समृद्धि और ववववध सोंस्कृवत पर मुझे गवव है |
हम इसके सुय ग्य अवधकारी बनने का सदा प्रयत्न करते
रहें गे |
मैं अपने माता-वपता, वशक्षक ों एवों गुरुजन ों का सदा आदर
और सबके साथ वशष्टता का व्यवहार करुुँगा |
मैं अपने दे श और दे शवावसय ों के प्रवत वफादार रहने की
प्रवतज्ञा करता हुँ
उनके कल्याण और समृद्धि में ही मेरा सुख वनवहत है |
Do we follow our National pledge ?
• India got independence on 15th august 1947,But is India
Independent in means of Women’s Safety.
• “India is my country”, its true, but India is only my country is
• Do we really mean on saying that “ALL INDIAN’s ARE MY
• Ask your own self ?????.
Achievements of Women
• These are the few Indian ladies who achieved the top of their carrier enjoying a Democratic

• Indira Ganghi - 1st Lady Indian Prime Minister.

• Pratibha Devisingh Patil – 1st Indian President.
• Mother Terrisa - Noble prize winner.
• Kiran Bedi - (1st Indian IPS officer) Megasesay Prize winner for her book on prisoners.
• Bichendri Pal - 1st Indian woman to climb on Mount Everest
• Kalpna Chawla - 1st Indian woman on the space.

• Arundhati Roy, Megasesay Prize winner for her novel 'The world of small things'.
• Nirmal Chawla – 1st Lady Indian piolet participated in any war (Kargil), she was flying
'Chetak' India's best fighter Chopper.
• Malleshwari Devi - Winner of only silver medal winner in Olympic'2000 80.Kg weight
category in Weight Lifting.
Preamble to the Indian Constitution
• We, The People Of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India
into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to
all its citizens:
• Justice, social, economic and political;
• Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
• Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all
• Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and
integrity of the Nation.
Women of India
• God is personified as a male in the whole world. But we have female goddesses in India .
We have “Goddess of Strength” but not a “God of Strength”
We envisage our nation as a woman and call our country as the mother land.
The President of India was a woman.
The Chief of the ruling political party is a woman.

• Then how can someone say that the status of woman is low in India

Let us be proud of the superior position of the woman in India . Woman has been occupying superior positions
in the traditions of India throughout the ages. We have one of the oldest civilizations in the world where women
were given equal status. In all the stories of Vedas, Puranas Bible and Qur’an and other scriptures, woman is
depicted as an insignia of power. In the modern history also we find the examples of Rani Lakshmi Bai and many
others. It’s the time to get inspired by their heroism and build a powerful India . Can anyone cite some examples
of achievements of Indian woman in the recent time? Kalpana Chawla is one of them.
Importance of women
 Woman was created as a companion for man. The first woman Eve was made from Adam's ribs neither from his
head to rule over him nor from his feet to serve him but from his side to walk with him as his equal, but what do we see
today? We see woman as a second-class citizen. We often see them hopeless, destitute, wronged only because this
world has stopped giving importance to the woman.
• Hidden inside the veil unbroken,
• Lies my soul still unspoken,
 Countless words still unsaid,
 Many thoughts still not expressed,
 I am an incomplete story, an unfinished song,
 I am an actor without a role,
 While walking on the road of life,
 I wait for my soul to be discovered,
 Until than this dejected soul lies in eternal torment.
 Yes, The above poem move us, it did as it was a cry of a lonely, shattered and depressed woman. We Should wonder
that we discuss about politics, wars, racism, terrorism but have anyone ever gave a little thought to "the importance of
 Eve-teasers on the Roads
There are men often driving bikes are cars like nuts.... speedy
often drunk harassing women...they stop their bikes or cars to
offer rides to women walking on the streets.... We invite
Women and Girls to share your thoughts... have you ever
witnessed any such incidence??

These is a very common thing that most of the girls and women
face at some point of their life. Eve teasing is a very common
thing in India and almost all of us are victim of this. The main
reason of eve teasing is that males of our society thinks
themselves to be superior to that of women and to prove their
masculinity they indulge in such kinds of degrading activities.
However, in my opinion, these problem can only be solved by
changing the mindset of people.
Think before teasing ???
She is Mother ! She is Daughter ! She is Wife ! She is Sister !
She is a Person.
She is Strong,Smart,Crafty.
She is Passionate, Courageous, Generous.
Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers.
She is Action,Emotion,Devotion.
She has Hope,Beauty,Power.
She has a Brain and she knows how to use it.
She gives You LIFE.
She believes in you.
She will nurture you, fight for you.
She deserves nothing Less from you...

Total count Rate per 100,000 population

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

2073 2139
India 18233 18359 19348 21467 22172 1.6 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8
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Are women responsible for rape?
 Many a times it has been argued, that women invite rape. By wearing Western/revealing dresses, or by
mixing in with guys, or by going out alone to a secluded place etc.
What do you think?

 If I get drunk and punch someone, who is to blame? The booze or myself? Of course I am to be blamed
in this case. People who argue that women invite rape by wearing revealing clothes have lost their sense
of morality. Who the hell are they to decide what women should wear? India is still a free country.
 Woman must carry themselves with grace rather than wearing revealing clothes but just because
wearing short clothes or locked up at home cannot save them from getting raped.. its all in the head of
a man that force him to take the indecent step.
 We say that India is adopting the western culture and people are becoming modern from every aspect
and even in their thoughts. If it is so then how can a woman be blamed for inviting rapes by wearing
western attire. It is sad but true that the mentality of Indian men are still the same and they think
themselves to be more powerful and the main cause of rape is the male attitude to show their
masculinity. Women are not to be blamed or held responsible for rapes.
 Lack of Respect for Women.
 Western Influence.
 Night life.
 Fast closeness with new friends
 Extra time out of house.
 Influence by Movies.
 Sudden change to live royal life.
 Encouraging rape victims to compromise
Low status of women:
Perhaps the biggest issue, though, is women’s overall lower status in Indian society. For poor families, the need
to pay a marriage dowry can make daughters a burden. India has one of the lowest female-to-male population ratios in
the world because of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide. Throughout their lives, sons are fed better than
their sisters, are more likely to be sent to school and have brighter career prospects.
• Rapes don't happen out of the blue. its a long drawn process . the seeds have been sown since long back and the
fruits are here for everyone to see.
In the movie rowdy rathore there is a dialogue-
“aurat jab hoti hai satra, to badh jaata hai khatra
aur jab wo hoti hai tees, tab wo hoti hai cheez”
and there s a popular song called pritam pyare which has unimaginably vulgar lyrics and in lots of other movies from
the southern film industry there are lot of explicit comments about women. there are explicit songs as well. If we can
sit in a theatre and enjoy those comments and songs and make those movies a 100 crore hit, then sir we have
encouraged a rapist, no offence.
There are the people who whistle in theatres during a kissing scene or a love-making scene and we enjoy their
whistles. subconsciously these guys consider a kiss or an intimate move as an expression of aggression or power over
the woman. this thrills them so much that they cant stop whistling. such men are more likely to rape if an
opportunity presents before them.
• Of course we agree rapists should be made impotent as a punishment. there should be some example of strict
punishment to scare criminals but that should be a beginning rather than a solution. A beginning of a social
awakening , beginning of us accepting our guilt in promoting rapes. peaceful protests and demonstrations are
essential to spread this message. but blame games and violent protests wont achieve anything. if we start this
awakening now, it may take time, but one day our country can be at par with other crime-free nations !
• There is no country, as yet, that has managed to stop rapes from happening. Nothing has helped. Not even the
death penalty has deterred rape.
• “The law may have allowances for hanging and punishing criminals but this will not change the situation. Our
behaviour is not controlled by laws; it is the internal control or self-control that stems from each individual’s
conditioning that determines his actions,”
• A lot of how India will be in the future, how one half of the population will treat the other half, will depend on
the lessons from parents and teachers. GPS and CCTVs, after all, cannot track what goes inside homes and the
minds of men; they can only make our streets a bit safer. It is we have to take care of each and everyone …..No
matter what group, religion etc……….
Safety, Security, Satisfaction (SSS) of Pune Citizens
• In 1764, the Peshwa Madhav Rao created for the first time a
regular office of Kotwal or the Head of Police.
• He appointed Balaji Narayan Ketkar, the first Kotwal (City Police
Superintendent) of Pune. The city was divided into 4 police
stations, known as Kotwal Chawdi, viz. Somwar Peth, Vetal Peth,
Raviwar Peth and Budhwar Peth.
• Ghasiram added Narayan Peth and Shaniwar Peth.
• The British created the police department as we know it today
• The British government passed the Police Act,1861, to re-
organise the police force.
Stop Violence Against Women
 Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation, and it is perhaps the most pervasive. It
knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. As long as it continues, we cannot claim to be making real
progress towards equality, development, and peace.

It is a major health and human rights concern. Women can experience physical or mental abuse throughout their
lifecycle, in infancy, childhood and/or adolescence, or during adulthood or older age. While violence has severe
health consequences for the affected, it is a social problem that warrants an immediate coordinated response .

 We should promise ourselves that we will never deny woman their rights , we will never discriminate her as she is so
weak , so feeble to stand for her rights .
 In the end I would say
 Every tear that sheds from an eye,
 Every drop of blood that has fallen to the ground,
 Every scream of woman that goes unheard in the night,
 Every sigh that escapes the lips of the woman,
 Every soul that is destroyed,
 Shouts out:
 Enough! I am a woman respect me enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be a Man, respect woman..Shower her wit Love not Lust..Treat her as u want others to treat wit your mother and sisters..!

RESPECT womanhood
Luv u all….
• Although statistics show that most men never rape, the overwhelming majority of
rapists (and one in ten victims) are in fact male. We ask men to make a promise to
be a different kind of man--one who values equality and whose strength is not
used for hurting.
• 1.Be Aware of Language. We live in a society in which words often cut down or
put down women. Avoid words like bitch, whore, freak, dog. Those words send a
message that females are less than human. Seeing them in such a light makes it
easier to treat them without respect or to ignore their well being.
• 3. Speak Up. You may never see a rape in progress but you will hear jokes and
language that is inappropriate and degrades women. When your best friend tells a
joke about rape, tell him it is not funny. Support women who bring charges against
violent men. Do anything but remain silent.
• Talk with Women. If you’re willing to listen, there is much to be learned about
how the "risk of being raped" affects women’s daily lives. Talk to them about it.
• Talk with Men. Talk about what it is like to be viewed as a potential rapist. Talk
about the fact that 15-20% of all males will be sexually abused in their lifetime.
Talk about whether they know any rape survivors. But start talking.
“The women are not a garment you wear & undress however you like. They are honoured and have
their rights.”

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