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Name: Ali Javaid Ahmad

Roll.No: 2016-BBA-004

• Modify & Describe Nouns

• Make our Writing & Speaking more specific


Small, Blue, Sharp, Cute, Beautiful


• Identify or Quantify individual people & unique things

• They are positioned before the Nouns & Pronouns
• Some sentences contain multiple adjectives


• They live in a big , beautiful house.

• Since it’s a hot day , Lisa is wearing a sleeveless.
Types of Adjectives:
• Possesive Adjectives
• Demonstrative Adjectives
• Co-ordinate Adjectives
• Numbers Adjectives
• Interrogative Adjectives
• Indefinite Adjectives
• Attributive adjectives
Possessive Adjectives

• Indicate possession
Such as;
• My
• Yours
• His , Etc
My book is in your bag.

Exceptional Function:
Function as possessive pronoun.
Demonstrative Adjectives
• Indicate specific people, animal, or things
Such As;
• These
• Those
• This
• That

Please put those cookies on the plate.
Co-ordinative Adjectives
• Seperated with commas
• Appear one after another to modify same noun

The sign board had big, bold, and bright letters.
Numbers Adjectives
• Answer Question
“How Many?”

• The carpet was pulled by a team of six.
• He ate 23 hotdogs during the contest and was sick afterward.
Interrogative Adjectives
• Three interrogative Adjectives
1. Which
2. What
3. Whose

• Which option sounds best to you?
• Whose socks are those?
Indefinite Adjectives
• Discuss non specific things
• Formed from indefinite pronouns
Such As;
Any, Many, No, Few & Several
• Do we have any peanut butter?
• There are no oranges in the fruit bowl.
Attributive Adjectives
• Specific qualities or features
• Used to discuss attributes
• Observation Adjectives
• Size & shape Adjectives
• Colour Adjectives
• Origin Adjectives
• Material Adjectives

Find the adjective or adjectives that fit in each of the blanks best.

1. We visites the museum where we saw _____________ artifacts.

A. A lot of
B. Ancient
C. John’s
D. A room filled with
2. I received ______________ awards at the ceremony today.

A. The manager’s
B. Two
C. Information about
D. Motivation
3. Please get a bag of ___________ apples.

A. Interesting
B. Ripe red
C. Oranges
D. Real
4. The president sat in a ____________ chair.

A. Imported
B. Barber’s
C. Funny
D. Leather
5. _______________ weather is the norm in San Francisco.

A. Blue
B. Big
C. Foggy
D. The best
1. A – Ancient
2. B – Two
3. B – Ripe Red
4. D – Leather
5. C – Foggy