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 Its shale shakers are components of drilling

equipment used in many industries, such as
coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. The
Shale shakers they are the first phase of a
solids control system on a drilling rig, and are
used to remove large solids (cuttings) from
the drilling fluid

 It’s a drill bit is a tool designed to

produce a generally cylindrical hole
(wellbore) in the earth’s crust by the
rotary drilling method for the discovery
and extraction of hydrocarbons such as
crude oil and natural gas.

 It’s the fixed set of pulleys (called sheaves) located at the

upper end of the derrick or mast, on which the drill string
is threaded.
 The combination of the traveling block, crown block and
wire rope drill line gives the ability to lift weights in the
hundreds of thousands of pounds. On larger drilling rigs,
when raising and lowering the derrick, line tensions over a
million pounds are not unusual.
 A stand (of drill pipe) is
two or three joints of
drill pipe connected and
stood in the derrick
vertically, usually while
tripping pipe. A stand of
collars is similar, only
made up of collars and
a collar head. The collar
head is screwed into the
collar to allow it to be
picked up by the

 It’s the Drill Floor is the heart of any drilling rig.

This is the area where the drill string begins its
trip into the earth. It is traditionally where joints
of pipe are assembled, as well as the BHA
(bottom hole assembly), drilling bit, and
various other tools. This is the primary work
location for roughnecks and the driller. The drill
floor is located directly under the derrick.

 It’s a mud tank is an open-top container,

typically made of square steel tube and
steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a
drilling rig. They are also called mud
pits, as they were once simple pits in the

 It’s a mud pump is a reciprocating

piston/plunger device designed to circulate
drilling fluid under high pressure down the
drill string and back up the annulus. It’s a
mud pump is a large reciprocating pump
used to circulate the mud (drilling fluid) on
a drilling rig.

 It’s a draw-works is the primary hoisting

machinery that is a component of a rotary
drilling rig. Its main function is to provide a
means of raising and lowering the traveling

 It is a high platform on the derrick, on

the service platforms, where the man on
the derrick stands when pipes are drawn
from the well.

 Is the floor of the derrick, serves to place

the drill pipe supports and drill collars in
a vertical position to one side of the
turntable on the derrick or mast of a
drilling rig or rig.