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Architecture & Town Planning

Class# 1: Introduction, Basic Concepts of

Architecture & Town Planning

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST

Isn’t This a Great Day to Study
Architecture & Town Planning???

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 2

Source: Sydney Opera House “”
Today’s Agenda
1. Brief Introduction
2. Class Policies
3. Course Content
4. Grading
5. Basic Concepts
o Architecture
o Town Planning

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 3

Course Content
• Architectural History & Development
• Factors Influencing Architectural Development
• Architectural Plan of Buildings
• Islamic Architecture
• Modern Trends in Town Planning
• Preliminary Studies for Town Planning
• Urban Planning
• Land Use Patterns
• City Extensions

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 4

• The art and science of designing and constructing
buildings (
• Technical, artistic and social field
• Fundamental attributes of architecture
a. Utility (functionality)
b. Solidity (strength)
c. Aesthetics (beauty)

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 5

Source: Ten Most Beautiful Architecture of Pakistan, “”
• A specialist in designing structures
• Licensed professionals by a jurisdiction to provide
design services
• Responsible for shaping our built environment
• Required to have strong knowledge in fields of
engineering, logistics, geometry, building
techniques etc.

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 6

Factors Influencing Architecture
• Man (building use, opening dimensions etc.)
• Demographics (overpopulated regions; high rise buildings)
• History (Roman Empire; statues in western civilizations)
• Culture (boundary Walls; our closed society)
• Nature (temperature, rainfall etc.)
• Religion (Islam; domes & minarets)
• Jurisdictional Regulations (White stone in Jerusalem and Amman)

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 7

General Elements of a House Architectural Design
• It involves just about everything a typical House
• Roof (Shape; flat vs. gable: Material; tile vs. metal)
• Walls (Material; paint vs. marble: Style; english vs. flemish bond)
• Doors (Style: flush door vs. glass door)
• Windows (Style; hinged vs. slide: Material; wood vs. aluminum)

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 8

Source: K & E Consultancy, Architectural Visualizers and CAD Modeling Services; “”
Town Planning
• A human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a
city (both demographics or area can be used)
• However, distinctions between all 3 (village, town and city) are up
for debate
• No universal code applicable
• Varies around the world
• Mostly defined by administrative and legal status
 Planning is basically thinking about and arranging
acuities' to achieve a goal

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 9

Town Planning
Factors influencing Site Selection for a Town
• Availability of land
• Availability of natural resources
• Development opportunities
• Expansion opportunities
• Security
• Modes of conveyance
• Access to amenities

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 10

Town Planning
Town Planning
• The art and science of ordering the use of land and siting of
buildings and communication routes so as to secure
maximum practical degree of economy, convenience and
• In town planning we organize various components of a town
in a systematic and arranged manner
• Its involves planning and designing of new buildings, roads,
parks etc in a systematic way in order to make them
attractive and convenient for the people who live there.

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 11

Town Planning
Town Planning
• Creating a balance between natural environment,
community needs, cultural significance and economic
• It is a dynamic process that is constantly responding to
the changes in community
• Involves both control of existing and new developments
to ensure good management of resources to meet
future needs

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 12

Town Planning
Why we do Town Planning ??
• We do planning in order to uses the land properly and give
maximum comfort to the inhabitants
• Well arranged house give max comfort then a large house
same is for town
• To create healthy environment for all people
• To ensure orderly development
• To provide economic, cultural and recreational amenities
• To preserve aesthetics in all elements of town
• To make right use of land for right purpose by zoning
• A well planned town carries its activities in a normal way like
a living organs

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 13

Town Planning
Basic elements of Modern Town Planning
• Electric and gas amenities
• Water supply and sewerage system
• Educational institutions
• Zoning
• Transportation infrastructure
• Law enforcement authorities
• Recreational facilities

Department of Civil Engineering, MUST 14

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