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How to Effectively Leverage the


Track: Sales - Operations and Performance

Amit Saxena,

Rob Lamb, Clickability
Michael Kostow, Ingres
Safe Harbor Statement

“Safe harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-
looking statements including but not limited to statements concerning the potential market for our existing service
offerings and future offerings. All of our forward looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If any
such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, our results could differ materially from
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The risks and uncertainties referred to above include - but are not limited to - risks associated with possible fluctuations in our
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profitable, breach of our security measures, the emerging market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating
history, our ability to hire, retain and motivate our employees and manage our growth, competition, our ability to continue
to release and gain customer acceptance of new and improved versions of our service, customer and partner acceptance
of the AppExchange, successful customer deployment and utilization of our services, unanticipated changes in our
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Key Takeaways

 Learn from AppExchange stories from customer

 How to effectively leverage the AppExchange for
Sales Operations applications
 Must know AppExchange Apps for Sales
Operations and Performance
 Best Practice: 5 Step process for evaluating and
implementing AppExchange application
“I learned so much at Dreamforce, and I think
our biggest problem now is figuring out what we
want to do next. You know, of all the different
options, which ones will we roll out first?”
- Segway

 AppExchange?
 Case Study – Electronic Contract Management
 Case Study – On-demand Sales Analytics
 Navigating your way on AppExchange Directory
 Killer Apps you MUST know
 Best Practice
 Q&A
What is the AppExchange?
Your One-Stop Shop for Business Applications

Learn Find Evaluate Install & Deploy

 Maximize the value of your CRM investment

 Come fully pre-integrated with Salesforce CRM and the
 Extend the same on-demand success to other departments and functions
Customers Love the AppExchange
Customer Installs to Date

Q2'05 Q3'05 Q4'05 Q1'06 Q2'06 Q3'06 Q4'06 Q1'07 Q2'07 Today
Why is Everyone So Excited?

35,000+ Developers
700+ Applications
13 Application Categories
Top Ten Innovations of 2006 13 Industry Verticals
– Forbes Magazine

With AppExchange, we can immediately begin test driving and installing

new applications to leverage the best ideas and new development without
reinventing the wheel. —Jan LaHayne
CIO, Littelfuse
Use of Salesforce Has Evolved
How AppExchange Fits with the Platform and CRM

1 2 3
World’s most World’s first World’s on-
trusted multi-tenant demand
enterprise CRM language & applications
development marketplace
What Opportunities Does The AppExchange

• Pre-sales Processes
• Sales and Marketing Productivity
Extended CRM • Vertical Expertise
• Post-sales Business Processes

• Email Marketing
Pre-Integrated • Integrated Telephony
Solutions • Data Quality
• Configuration Tools

• IT & Operations
Automate More • Human Resources
Business Processes • Finance & Administration
• R&D
Case Study 1: Electronic Contract Management

Rob Lamb
Director, Customer and Partner
Clickability is an SaaS provider of Content Management Solutions to large media
and enterprise marketing customers.

• INDUSTRY: Media/Marketing/Software
• # USERS: 38 (100% Login Rate)
• PRODUCT(S) USED: SFA, Service & Support, AppEx Recruiting, EchoSign
Key Points

 Identifying Potential Business Leverage Points

 Solution Overview
 Implementation Strategies and Results
Identifying Sales Process Opportunity

 Sales Process Opportunities are generally the

result of the identification of a current bottleneck
and are in response to pain.
 Predicting and preparing for a business tipping
point is much cheaper and less painful than waiting
for it.
 Don’t build a process for where you are. Build a
process for where you want to be.
Contract Management – Key Challenges

 3 Key Challenges to our business

 Control
 Workflow /Accountability
 Improved Customer Experience

#1 Goal is close more business

EchoSign – EchoSign for
Implementation Statistics:
# of customers: 400 customers; 100,000 users
Avg. implementation time: 1 hour

Solution Highlight
 Complete signature automation within What the customers are saying:
 View contract history Kathy Lord, Vice President of Sales, Intacct says:
 Signed contracts saved with opportunity or “A Must for Any Sales 2.0 Organization --
contact EchoSign is an absolute must for any sales team
 Accelerate the sales process looking to survive in a Sales 2.0 world. After our
initial roll-out, our time to signature went from
 Track every deal in real-time access days to just minutes. Even more surprisingly our
 Decrease post-sale administration reps and services team have embraced it like fish
to water. Additionally, our order management is
 Improve customer signing experience
now completely digital and almost 100%
 Close deals faster! automated.”

Want to learn more? Check out Partner pavilion.

Why EchoSign?

 Integrated contract signature management insides
 Contracts sent out from
 Contracts stored with Opportunity or Contact
 Accelerates the Sales Process
 Track Every Deal in Real time
 Delivers accurate forecasts
 Decrease post sale administration
 AppExchange certified with positive reviews
EchoSign: Seamless Integration with
Key Value: Control

 All Contracts PDF format.

 Universal and Operating System Independent
• Avoid Office 95, 97, XP, etc.
 ReadOnly
• Removes risk of intentional or unintentional contract
 Email Authentication & Password Protection
• Completely secure
Key Value: Workflow / Accountability

 Supports existing workflow/business process

 Not changing flow, just effectiveness
 Contracts stored within SFDC opps
 All parties involved automatically notified throughout
 Reminders of contract tasks
 Auto send of executed contracts (Sorry FedEx)
 Visibility
 Immediate access of authorized to see status of contracts
 Sales can sell not provide updates
Key Value: Improved Customer Experience

“The first fax machine was invented by Scottish mechanic

and inventor Alexander Bain. In 1843, Alexander Bain
received a British patent for “improvements in producing and
regulating electric currents and improvements in timepieces
and in electric printing and signal telegraphs”, in laymen's
terms a fax machine.”

 Today we are NOT going to party like its 1843

 If your product is moving to the next level so should the
processes that support it. (Is there paper in the fax?)
 I-Phone Bills, Online Banking
Implementation and Results

 Planning
 Illustrate and Involve
 Resistance to change
 Sticks, Carrots or Value
 Speed
 11 Minute Contract Turnaround
 5 Days can make a difference
 Savings
 Time – End of Quarter Fax Watch
 Resources – Paper
Case Study 2: On-demand Sales Analytics

Michael Kostow
VP, Business Operations
Ingres Corporation is the world’s leading provider of business open source
services and solutions for companies of all sizes. Ingres Corporation offers a
product family of enterprise-class, highly scalable databases and tools that are
currently being used by more than 10,000 major global customers and partners.
• INDUSTRY: Software
• # USERS: ~120
• PRODUCT(S) USED: SFA, Intacct, LucidEra
Ingres Corporation – Key Challenges

 Business Challenges
• Global business/limited resources – operating in over 20 countries
• Inherited customer base with limited information
• No 360 degree view of our customer

 Technology Challenges
• Implementation and integration between SaaS systems
• No consolidation point between Intacct and Salesforce
• Global phased roll-out
Ingres Corporation – The Solution

 How did we address these challenges?

• Full SaaS solution – Salesforce, Intacct, LucidEra
• 360 degree customer view using LucidEra as the consolidation
point between Intacct and Salesforce
• Manage the business via dashboards for all key metrics
LucidEra – Revenue Cycle Analysis
Implementation Statistics:
# of deployments: 20+
Avg. Implementation Time: 30 days

Solution Highlight
 Visibility across systems What the customer are saying:
 Integration with financial data
“LucidEra really simplifies the overhead required of IT
 Focused analytics – answers, not static when rolling out a BI solution.”
reports - Blackduck
 Simplicity of design (drag and drop “LucidEra has transformed how we do analysis in our
interface) business.”
 AJAX rich-client experience - Vertical Response
 Fast implementation time
 BI platform (vision beyond CRM)

Other Solutions:
• Sales Analysis (SFDC + Excel data analysis)
Want to learn more? Check out Partner pavilion.
INGRES Sales Operations Applications



BI Appliance

LucidEra Dashboards

Opportunity Name Opportunity Amount

from from Intacct
LucidEra Dashboards, cont.
Why LucidEra?

 SaaS solution consistent with our corporate strategy

 Integration to Salesforce & Intacct
 Ability to use Excel in conjunction with apps
 Budget, quotas, and other data in spreadsheets can be integrated

 User friendly analysis

 Dynamic slice and dice interface

 AppExchange certified with positive reviews

LucidEra Implementation
 Phase 1 (Live)
 Intacct – Live in US – using LucidEra to
consolidate pipeline between Intacct “sales
orders” and Salesforce “opportunity products”
 Using LucidEra to provide full year history
consolidating Intacct “sales orders” and
“opportunity product” details
LucidEra Next Steps
 Phase 2
 Global rollout
 Consolidation of Intacct/Salesforce/2008 budget via
 Executive dashboards capturing key metrics including:
• Pipeline
• Booked Business – Actual/Quota
• Revenue – Actual/Forecast
• Costs – Actual/Forecast
• Detail by Customer
Navigating your way on
AppExchange Directory
AppExchange Kick-off

 AppExchange 101 Webinar

 AppExchange Essentials

 Customer Success

 Top 10 Applications

 RSS Feeds/Blogs

How do I get to THESE?

AppExchange for Sales: Operations and Performance

 Key Categories
 Compensation and Performance Management
 Contract Management
 Forecasting
 Quoting and Orders
 Other (Collaboration)
 Free Sales Components

How do I get to HERE on AppExchange?

Killer Apps for Sales Operations
Killer Apps for Sales Operations

 Compensation

 Contract

 Collaboration

 Data Quality
Killer Apps for Sales Operations

 Quoting and

 Sales Analytics

 Forecasting
AppExchange App Implementation Best practice

Research on AppExchange
Negotiate contract
Test Drive / Demo
Customize the application
Shortlist Apps/ components
Train users
Deploy application

Identify Research on Measure

Pilot Rollout
Needs AppExchange Adoption

Compile Top 3 pain Reports and adoption

points/ideas dashboards
Existing monthly sales Reward top users
Work with Administrator
meetings etc Write review
Install on Sandbox
Identify Actors
Download Apps to Production
Deploy to Pilot users
More Ways to Experience

EXPO HALL 1. AppExchange Gateway

Your portal to 200+ partner booths
Let our staff help you navigate!
Booth 301 in the Expo Hall

2. AppConnection Game Show

Find the app of your dreams!
Play or watch to win fabulous prizes.
3. Demo Theatre, M12:30pm & T2:30pm

3. Demo Stations
Let our experts show you how
easy it is to find, try, and install apps
SE Corner of Campground

4. Seven Other AppExchange Sessions

See Conference Guide


Director, Customer Development

VP, Business Operations AMIT SAXENA

Sr. Manager, Business Operations
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 How do I get to AppExchange? Do I need a login?

 Can anyone download an App?
 What is AppExchange Certified application?
 How do find all Sales Ops applications?
 Can I start with trial before purchasing?
 What methodology should I use for AppExchange application
 Can I share my thoughts/discuss with other users?
 How are rating driven?
 I have my own app/widget, how can I share with others?
 Can I uninstall an AppExchange app?
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