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Journey not only safe but also CLEAN


• There are around 1.2 billion vehicles running on the planet, that throw 85000 tons of
carbon dioxide in the environment every second .Carbon dioxide emitted by our
petroleum vehicles is the major reason for global problems like Air pollution, Global
warming, Glacier melting, Acid rains, Droughts.The Air pollution caused due to this
brings hazardous effects to human beings such as Lung cancer, Nausea,Long lasting
Headache,Irritating eyes etc.According to the Environment protection department if
we continue to pollute the air through this rate our planet will lose its capability to
support life in coming years.
First electric vehicle was developed by Robert
Anderson in the 1872 which used a simple DC
motor and Huge Lead acid batteries to store the
charge required to run the motor. This invention
was suppressed by many big oil industries so
that they can continue to make the profit
through creating demands for the oil to run the
petrol and diesel engine.But now many multi
national companies are inventing in the electric
vehicles and the demand is increasing day by day.
Advantages of E-Vehicles over Conventional Vehicles…
• No fuel, no emissions

• This is the key point that attracts many people to electric vehicles. If
you want to decrease your personal impact on the environment
through transport, then an EV is the way forward. The electric engine
within an EV operates on a closed circuit, so an electric car does not
emit any of the gases often associated with global warming. No petrol
or diesel is needed in a fully electric vehicle, which is great for your
carbon footprint.
Low maintenance
• We all know cars need a bit of maintainance from time to time. Petrol
and diesel engines can require expensive engine maintenance over
their lifetimes – electric vehicles don’t.
• In a traditional combustion engine there are hundreds of moving
parts which can potentially go wrong, whereas an electric motor has
fewer than 20. This means that your EV is likely to have lower long-
term maintenance costs than other vehicles.
• As more manufacturers have came into the market with their own
take on the electric vehicle, the performance levels of EVs has
rocketed. Electric cars are lighter, and acceleration capability can
surprise. Certain brands, such as Tesla, have done a lot to improve
people’s perceptions of electric vehicles – the Tesla Model S is one of
the fastest-accelerating cars on the market, doing 0-60mph in just 2.5
Disadvantages of the Electric vehicles
1. Cost:-The cost of the electric vehicles is a lot more comared to the
petrol/Diesel vehicle. Approximately it cost one one fouth more
money to buy a Electric vehicle than a conventional vehicle for the
same specifications.
2. Charging time:-The huge batteries of the Elecctric vehicles require
more time to get full charged, even the fastest super chargers
require more 15-20 minutes where as the fuel tank of the
petrol/diesel vehicles can be filled in less than a minute.
Future of electric vehicles

Various countries in the world have passed the law to boycott the
petrol/diesel driven vehicles in the coming decade.Electric vehicles
will replace the road transport completely in future, many new
control,battery,motor technologies are getting invented day by day to
improve the electric transport system.Research is also going on in
electrifying Water and arial transport system for example the projects
like hyperloop and Ionic thrusters(Electric Rockets)
Hyper loop is one of the
fascinating project presented by
ELON MUSK in 2016.
This project is aiming at
developing a electric vehicle that
travel at a speed of 1300
kilometer per hour.The vehicle Is
powered through electric cables
and will
travel in vaccum tube through
using liner motors.
Electric Rockets….
Rockets consume the most
petroleum fuel among any of
other vehicles in the
planet.Therefore NASA in the year
2014 has started a project to
build IONIC thrusters that is
electric rockets that will generate
power to fly through the electric
plasma and not by fuel.This
project is scheduled to complete
by 2022.

To curb the pollution and to save the planet we should move towards
using green energy and one way of it is by creating awareness to use
E vehicles.