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 Sharon Kovacs, born in 15 April 1990, was already singing when she could hardly speak,

but this Dutch singer first seriously discovered the magic of music when she entered her
turbulent years as a teenager. Then she began to play in school-kid bands and participate in
talent shows, but didn't make any progress because she just didn't find the right people to
nurture her talent. That finally changed when she left high school and took part in open
microphone evenings in the bars she worked at as a waitress. The audiences were instantly
enthusiastic and one day someone advised her to take part in an audition at the Rock City
Institute, a music school in Kovacs' hometown Eindhoven. There she sang two songs so
convincingly that she was immediately accepted.
 Kovacs' dark, soulful voice made a deep impression, but her
training turned out to be a challenge for all involved. "Some of my
vocal teachers simply didn't know what to do with me," she laughs.
"Once they even advised me to leave and look for something else to do.
According to their standards I applied my voice in a very wrong way.
But that's how I am: I can't sing any other way."
 Kovacs continued to work on her talent, collected her own
experiences and wrote songs. On a decisive point in her musical career
she succeeded in getting in contact with the producer Oscar Holleman
via Facebook and sent him a link to her music. "Normally I wouldn't
listen to stuff like this, " admits the former heavy metal guitarist and
experienced rock producer. "But I happened to just be sitting around
and was bored. And as soon as I heard the first words I was hooked. It
almost sounded too good so I contacted Sharon and asked her who was
really singing. 'That's me', she answered and when I met her she looked
completely different than I had imagined. Although her voice sounds
unbelievably black, a white girl with a shaved head showed up. I was
totally fascinated and so we began to collaborate." In addition to their
sessions in Holland, Kovacs travelled to various countries to
collaborate with songwriters. In the Egrem Studios in Havanna, Cuba,
her debut album took on its unique style.
 The album debut puts a finger on her personal
approach to her music. “It has to be a little edgy to fit me. I
take no prisoners and some things that I sing are certainly
dirty, but always honest. That’s what I am. I make music
because I have to. It’s the only way I can express my
feelings. That makes my music pure and genuine.”
 Her raw style and her dark voice lead to comparisons
with Portishead or Amy Winehouse. "This gloomy sound
results from my voice and the arrangements, but also from
the fact that we compose everything in a minor key. I like
these fluctuations of moods, my music has soul." Not
surprising since her influences are mainly from the past. "I
listen to lots of Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald,
Nina Simone, Dinah Washington.. even Tina Turner and
Janis Joplin are favourites of mine. Female singers with a
personality, who really lived a life. All of their emotions can
be heard in their voices, that always attracted me."Her dark
voice and her passion are what makes her music different
from all the rest. Her radical emotionalism and the abyss-
deep soul that she brings to her songs seems to turn her
innermost sef inside out.
 After completing her studies, KOVACS
concentrated fully on her music, which was soon to
prove the correct decision. She performed successfully
at an aftershow party for One Republic in
Amsterdam. Last summer she appeared at the Bospop
and North Sea Jazz Festivals and at two aftershow
parties of Pearl Jam in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam.
And she also delivered unforgettable moments
performances in Germany at the SWR3 New Pop
Festival and at the Reeperbahn Festival.
 With the release of her album KOVACS stands at
the beginning of her great adventure and she can
hardly wait for it to begin. “I want to be in a position
to always make music,”she describes her ambitions. “I
have a very complex personality, but as long as my
environment is as dynamic as it is now, I’ll stay stable.
I need a goal and I have found it. I want to travel the
whole world.It looks like she is getting close – and
that is more than justified.
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