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Training and Development

Importance of training &develpment

• Optimum Utilization of Human Resources
• Development of skills of employees
• Productivity
• Team spirit
• Organization Culture
• Healthy working environment
• Morale
• Image
• Profitability
The training process
• 1. Organizational objectives and strategies

• 2. Assessment of training needs

• 3. Establishment of training goals

• 4. Devising training programmes

• 5. Implementation of training programmes

• 6. Evaluation of results
Training methods
On the job Off the job

Orientation training Vestibule

Apprenticeship training
Special Study
Internships & assistantships
Conference /Discussions
Job instruction training Role play, Case study
Job rotation Simulation
Coaching Programmed instruction
Laboratory training
On-the-Job Training Method
• Advantages
• Trainee learns by experience
• Least expensive
• Highly motivated trainee
• Trainee is free from artificial environment

• Disadvantages
• Experienced employees may lack expertise to train juniors
• Training is not systematically organized
• Create safety hazards
Off-the-job training methods
• It occurs away trom the workplace.

• It enables the trainees to study theoretical information or to be exposed

to new and innovative ideas.

• Programmed instruction (PI)

• This is a method where training is offered without the help of a trainer
• After reading the information, the learner must answer questions
related to the same

• Computer-assisted instructions (CAI)

Off-the-job training methods
• Simulation
• It is a kind of equipment of technique that duplicates as nearly
as possible the actual conditions encountered on0 the job.

• The more widely used simulation exercises are:-

• Case study
• Role Playing
• Vestibule training
• Sensitivity training
Principles of evaluation
• Must be clear about the goals and purpose of

• Evaluation must be continuous

• It must be specific

• Realistic target dates must be set for each phase of

Four levels of training evaluation
What employee does on
the job
It measures whether the employee knows
more than before

Employee appreciated the training and facilities
• I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer
now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
• ~Muhammad Ali