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Chapter 4:

Sellers Marketing Online

 Aimee Fajiculay
 John Grace
 Jay Krukowski
College Trio Hoping Their
e-Marketplace Can Play With Big
Boys as Community Fixture
“College trio hoping their e-marketplace can play with big boys as community
 Sees potential in the use of bartering
 Build a community and promote deal-making matches closer to home
 Quicker shipment and less excessive shipping costs.
 Serving the services
 Features
 Search engine configured to start its exploration within the user's ZIP
code, expanding outward to the city, then the state, etc.
 Buddybin
 Plans for Growth

How This Relates to Chapter Four:

 Web exchanges (i.e. eBay)
 Consumer to consumer selling of products
 Offers the "selling" of services such as tutors or catering services
Why Companies Shouldn’t Rely
On Traditional Marketing
“Why Companies Shouldn’t Rely On Traditional Marketing”
 Small companies are hesitant to create a website.
 Feel traditional forms of advertising (radio, television, print) is sufficient.
 Fear the risks of entering a market with so many competitors.
 How will our small company get listed on a search engine that already
has millions of results?"
 Will our target market even see our pay-per-click advertisements?"
 How can our website bring more business into our store?“
 Unfamiliar with benefits of internet.
 184-million Internet users in America
 68.3% of Internet users utilize search engines during the consideration or
research phase while 42.6% use search engines to make their decision.
 Key Internet features that have made it easier to find particular products
and services online
 Keyword selection, sophisticated search engines, pay-per-click
Mobile Marketing
"Get Ready for Mobile Marketing"
Use of cell phones/pdas is a quickly growing trend
 More than 600 million sold (dwarfs the number of PCs sold)
 Phone operators now have potential to sell advertising spots
 Have access to valuable marketing info (who you call, when you call
 Video advertisements can now be placed in videos that consumers
voluntarily watch
 Consumers are purchasing ring tones and games
 Beginning to the sales of products/services not directly related to
cell phones
 Breach of Privacy?
 Compromise a small decrease in privacy in exchange for
 lower phone bill rates

 cool applications

How this relates to Textbook

 “Technological influence on Internet Marketing”
 Double edged sword (success/loss of potential)