McDonald's Mission Statement

"McDonald's Mission is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile."

McDonald¶s history««..

McDonald's was started as a drive-in restaurant by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, US in the year 1937. McDonald a chain of family restaurant Currently operates in 121 countries & having more than 30000 restaurant and serving 53 Million customers everyday. Low price, Speed, service and cleanliness became the critical success factors of the business.



McDonald¶s History INDIA
‡ Entered in India 1996

‡ McDonald's India is a 50 ± 50 JV partnership between MCDONALD¶S CORPORATION (U.S.A) and two Indian businessman Amit Jatia and Vikram Bakshi


McDonald¶s in India developed a range of 100% pure Veg food, along with Non-Veg range. McDonald¶s efforts were aimed purely at driving traffic in.


Product life cycle of

€ € € € € €

Freshness, nutrition & value. Target- The young family who eats out. Focus- Attracting children, so family follows. Positioning-´Mc. Donalds mein hai kuch baat´-a place for the entire family to enjoy. ³To Aaj Mc. Donald Ho Jaye´. Special promotions during festivals. Promotion through Internet.


Geographical ‡ Country ‡ Climate

Demographic ‡ Age ‡ Income

Behavioral ‡ Occasions ‡ Brand loyalty

A Family with children Urban customer Teenager

A treat to children, a fun place for the children
Great taste, quick service without Great taste, quick service. affeghjuiuiigjicting the work schedule

Hangout with friends.


€ McDonald

is position as a family


It is a place where everyone can enjoy« like children, young , family etc.

Hi, friends I am Ronald¶s Product We are here to tell you about 7p¶s of our restaurant«..MCDONALD Price Place Promotion People Physical evidence Process

7p¶s «««


1P- Product
Veg Menus Beverages

Non- Veg Menus Frozen Dessertss

.Veg and non-veg burgers. € · Fish Mac dipper. € · Mc Rib. € · Mc Muffins (for break fast). € · Biscuits cookies. € · Beverages. Products Cares for customer¶s Sentiments towards religion and culture.

‡Policy which caters to Indian customers. ‡Quite affordable products. ‡McDonald¶s came up with a very catchy punch line ³Aap ke zamane mein ,baap ke zamaneke daam´. This was to attract the middle and lower class consumers .

McDonalds has certain value pricing such as happy meal, combo meal, family meal etc to increase overall sales volumes.


McDonald's opened its doors in India in October 1996. Ever since then, our family restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Noida Faridabad, Doraha, Manesar and Gurgaon have proceeded to demonstrate.


Located at prime locations. Almost in all big cities. At residential areas , malls.



‡Target customer- Children, young and old«

‡Awareness about products among people by using different Media like TVs, Hoarding, and Bus Shelters.

‡Description of product on paper nuts placed in the trays.

‡The placing of the pamphlets and banners in all around the outlets.

‡Lucky promotion strategies .


µMcDonald¶s mein hai kuch baat¶- encourage people to visit them, they tried to move on making McDonald¶s a regular experience. µToh aaj McDonald¶s ho jaye¶- everyday experience. Encouraging the customers to visit regularly. In 2003 they came up with a new tag line saying µI¶m lovin¶ it¶. It was carried out all over the world, expecting high increase in revenue«.



I Love Children

I Have Gifts For them, They Can play Games also

Children- Happy Meal

Gives employees larger role in decisions. ‡ Philosophy of quality, Service, Cleanliness and value is the guiding force behind its service. ‡ Fast friendly service. ‡ Provides clean, comfortable environment specially suited for families.

‡ Restaurant Manager is responsible for the daily operation and customer interaction.

‡ In order to motivate there employees they give them stars as per their performance.

6P-Physical evidence

The physical evidence appearance affects not only the impression outsiders have of a business but all the way that business functions. Staff members. Location & appearance. Buildings Maintence.




Invented the most efficient cooking equipment. ‡ New methods of food packaging and distribution. ‡ McDonald¶s in India followed the same tradition. ‡ Spent sufficient money on market research.

Objectives of Promotion Strategy

Key objectives of McD·s promotion strategy were to, ´ Get them in. Trade them up. Get them back µ. Get Them In : To make consumers step into McDonald·s restaurant.



Trade Them Up : To shift the consumers to McDonald·s core products like Burger with cheese, McChicken Burger, Fillet-o-Fish, etc., Get Them Back : To increase the frequency of visit by making the McD·s brand experience.


‡Strong brand PLEASE ADD UR POINTS ‡Professional Training For Employees (Hamburger University) ‡Product innovation ‡Supply Chain ‡Great Partnership (Coke Cola)

‡Expand business ‡Entry into breakfast category ‡Acquisition of other restaurants

‡Low depth and width of product ‡High overall costs ‡Management Of Franchisees/Joint Venture

‡Changing customer lifestyle ‡Increase in competition ‡Growing health conscious population

McDonald¶s the Future..!! 
McDonald·s has built his strength in strong brand Customer intimacy Product innovation & Supplier integration Coming up with new schemes that suits to every pocket Mc-delivery has been started so everyone can be at home and enjoy McDonald's food Planning to introduce more McCafé units in India. More Employement Oppurtunities.


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