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Welcome to UCI

Division of Continuing Education!


Statement of Understanding
What is the
Statement of Understanding?

• It’s a paper that tells the rules of our school.

• We want you to understand our rules so you
can be successful.
1. Attendance Policy
• Please come to class every day.

• But if you are sick, stay home

or see a doctor.

• If you are absent, please tell your teacher

before class (but we still have to mark you
Punctuality (Late) Policy
Please be on time. Be in the classroom when
class begins.

If you are late to class:

• 1-14 minutes late = 1 late
• 15+ minutes late = 1 hour absence
• 3 lates = 1 hour absence
Attendance Policy Cont.

• If you are absent more than 39 hours, you

will be dismissed. 
• That means you have to leave UCI and go
Attendance Questions?
If you want to see how many hours
you’ve missed:

Send an email to:
Tell them your name and student ID
Academic Probation

• To pass a class, your grade must be at least 70%.

• If you get a D or F, you must take the same class

• If you fail the same class twice, you may be
3. Academic Honesty
Cheating is not OK.
• Don’t look at another student’s test.
• Don’t copy homework.
• Don’t use your cell phone during a test.
• Don’t take pictures of a test.
• Students who cheat
can be dismissed.
5. Electronic Devices Policy
Don’t use your cell phone during class!
• Don’t talk on the phone.
• Don’t text.
• Don’t take pictures.
• Don’t send emails.
• Don’t check Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Put your cell phone away during class.

6. Smoke-Free Policy
Please don’t smoke anywhere at UCI.
Marijuana is not allowed at UCI.
8. Dismissal

These things can cause problems. You

might be dismissed from our program:
• If you’re absent more than 39 hours
• If you fail the same class 2 times
• If you cheat (after being warned)
• If you do not behave well
What happens if you are dismissed?
If you are dismissed . . .
• You must stop attending classes
• Your I-20 will be canceled
• You must return to your country or find
another school immediately
• You cannot return to the UCI ESL programs



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