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Ann Carruthers

Director of Environment and Transport

Leicestershire County Council

Vice Chair MSF3 Steering Group

Building on Success to Date
 Significant savings

 Reduced Lead in times

 Eliminate disputes

 National and regional awards

Award winning MSF2 Projects
Award winning MSF2 Projects
Award winning MSF2 Projects

Waiting on Photograph
Regional Collaboration
Factors Influencing MSF3
 Government Industrial Strategy

 National Construction Category Strategy

for Local Government

 Early adopters of NEC4

 Further develop Social Value

Simplify the procurement Process
 Electronic tendering

 No longer split into multiple lots

 Reduce number of quality questions
 Reduced number of model projects
 Simplified Bills of Quantities

 All based upon real life projects due for

delivery during the MSF3
Offer a flexible delivery route
 No upper limit on project size

 More than one contractor

 Design and Build option

 Engage with the local supply chain

Maximise the benefits of ECI
 Adopt the new X22 option

 Engage with contractor at earlier stage

 Increased cost certainty

 Improved cash flow

 Clear payment mechanism

Develop relationships
 Clear project pipeline

 Simplified selection processes

 Relationship management Plans

 based on the principles of ISO 44001

 Continuous Improvement