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WOOD Stress

*Stores blood, Smooth flow of Qi, Leaders*

Smoothness & harmony of movement throughout body

Stress, Anger, Impatience
General of Army: In charge of decision making (Gall Bladder) and smooth flow (Liver)
Assertiveness: Timely, skilful & strategic, Forceful & strong yet mobile & flexible
Wind – Moving
Human kindness
Acknowledgement of humanity: in others or in self
Creativity, vision
Muscles & tendons

Eyes Leader Have a vision / dream

Ambition Storing blood Balance – not too tense nor weak
Anger Expansion Spring
MOTHER: Nourishing, creating, generating, supporting

Heart / S Intestine
Pericardium / Triple Burner:
Joy / Elation

Liver / Gall Stomach /

Bladder: Spleen:
Anger / Worry /
Impatience Pensiveness

Kidneys /
Urinary Bladder: Lungs / L Intestine:
Fear / Fright Grief / Sorrow

Generates Fire
Controls Earth
Insults Metal
Liver & Gall Bladder
Direction East
Season* Spring
Weather* Wind
Planet Jupiter
Natural Element* Trees & Grass
Musical Note Jiao / Lute
Colour* Green and Blue
Flavour Sour
Smell Urine
Zang Organ (yin)* Liver
Orifice* Eyes
Body Part* Tendons & Ligaments
Sound* Shout
Emotion* Anger
Pathological Actions Clenched fists & Spasms
Location * Neck & Head
Spirit * Hun – Soul
Muscle Mandala

Gall Bladder (GB) 1 – 44 Liver (LV) 1 – 14
Time: 11pm – 1am Time: 1am – 3am

Liver: Ensure smooth flow of qi throughout the body in all directions

Stores: Blood
Controls: Sinews
Opens: Into the eyes
Manifests: Into nails
Houses: HUN
Ensure smooth flow of Qi
*Rules flowing and spreading*
Sprinkle the Qi

The ability to temper the qi:

The Liver’s blood first tempers the liver’s qi which then
tempers the qi of the entire body. This ensures smooth
movement of qi around the body.

All activity that depends on qi depends on the liver.


Liver’s soothing effect can specifically help digestion (bile).
Liver: fosters cycles of movement.
Spleen: linear and transformative:
Spleen needs gentle touch of Liver . Liver can easily invade Spleen.

*When your qi is flowing smoothly you feel uplifted*

Stores Blood
Liver is responsible for softening the qi and ensuring that the
dynamic strength of the qi is not too tense, restless or awkward.

Liver is essential for the balance of qi, especially the stomach & the

The livers blood is responsible for the repetitive cycles of human life.

Every time you rest / are still the blood comes back to the liver.

When you start to move the liver starts to slowly release blood & sends it
to the muscles that are active

*Women’s menstruation depends on the liver blood – disharmonious liver blood

can make an irregular or painful menstruation *
Controls Sinews
The proper movement of tendons (& muscles) in the body is
closely related to the liver.

Blood nourishes muscles: If the Liver blood is inharmonious or

Incapable of nourishing the sinews symptoms such as spasms,
tightness & stretching may be painful:

When the liver qi is balanced and harmonious the tendons are

Opens Into Eyes
Represents having a clear visions & the courage to make that vision become a reality:
Become a leader of your own life

Liver health shows in the colour of the eyes

All of the yin and yang organs contribute the purest part of their energy to the eyes.

Liver has a special relationship with the eyes:

When the liver is nourished the eyes can see the 5 colours
When the liver receives blood the eyes can see

*Dysfunction of the eye result from liver qi disharmony*

Manifest Into Nails

Thin, brittle, pale nails: Weak liver qi

Pink, moist nails: Strong liver qi
Ethereal Soul

The Hun enters your body at birth. Dreaming is the travelling of the Hun and the processing of
what happened in the day. The Hun is considered the collective consciousness.

The Liver stores blood and when you sleep your experiences of the day are drained out of the
blood and embedded in your soul.
*Responsible for human kindness*
Sensitive to boundaries that make for recognition of self and others
The recognition of humanity in self or others depends on the receptivity of the HUN
“Takes too much ground”: HUN becomes angered & frustrated
Insufficiently assertive leads to a lack of self worth and self esteem
Liver blood excess leads to anger. Liver blood deficiency leads to a sense of absence.
How a person reacts to pain: The ability to stay soft (not tense) while experiencing pain. To give
pain room – depends on harmony of liver blood
Blood: pain to be bearable. Without this a person can be insensitive or numb to the suffering of
self or others

Woody people:
Leaders, strong force to get things done, tantrum like childhood, impatient but compassionate
and recognises others. Introverted diplomat (meaning at the expense of themselves)
Emotions / Virtues
Anger, impatience, frustration, irritability

Kindness, generosity, benevolence (do good), forgiveness

Woody type of people:

Driven, leaders, strong drive, clear vision, intention, ambition,
moving to the top of society or job role

If they don’t get what they want they get angered & frustrated easily
Fun Facts About Wood & Our Bodily

Yellow Emperor of Classic Medicine


Heart Burping

Lung Coughing

Liver Talkativeness

Spleen Acid regurgitation

Kidney Yawning and sneezing

Stomach Vomiting

Large and Small Intestines Diarrhoea

Urinary Bladder Difficulty in urinating and incontinence

Gall Bladder Being easily angered

Overly Abundant
Heart Hysteria & giggling

Lung Grief and Crying

Liver Overacts on spleen with excessive

Spleen Overacts on Kidney with a tendency to
be timid
Kidney Fright
Heart Heat
Lungs Cold
Liver Wind
Spleen Damp
Kidneys Dryness
Staring Blood
Prolonged laying down Qi
Prolonged sitting Flesh and Muscles
Prolonged standing Bones
Prolonged walking Tendons
Yoga & Wood
Gall Bladder (GB) 1 – 44 Liver (LV) 1 – 14
Time: 11pm – 1am Time: 1am – 3am
Muscle Mandala

Yoga Asana & Water

Any Asana that engages (yang) or stresses/compresses (yin)


Obliques, Adductors & Psoas:

Medial & Lateral
1) Think of 5 different ways to bring Wood element into a yang

2) Think of 5 different ways to bring Wood element into a

yinish class.

Think about:
Energy channels, Wood representation, Energy, Emotion,
Teaching Methodology, Communication, Space, Tools,
Intention, Speed...