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Sasha Kimferdeen|CAPS
C 1300

Records Management Assignment: Part 2

• Delete unnecessary emails

• Respond immediately

• Create folders



Set time to manage emails

• Purposes

Records Management Assignment: Part 2

Delete Unnecessary Emails

Every time I open my email, I immediately delete email messages by

looking at the subject line, and who sent the email. For example, if I
received an email from Spotify about an promotion, I would delete right
away because it is not relevant to me since I have the student plan on

Records Management Assignment: Part 2

Respond Immediately

I usually try to respond immediately to emails, whether it is important or

not. This way I do not forget later on t respond, especially if it is important
or requires an action from me. For example, if I am in a group for a
school project, and a group member needs me to do something right
away, I would respond back immediately to let them know I received their
email on a timely manner.

Records Management Assignment: Part 2

Create Folders

I create folders in each of my email accounts to separate any online

documents I may have created, or to keep back-ups from photos, school
work, etc. Creating specific folders can allow me to navigate what I need
faster rather than scrolling through old emails or searching by name on
the search bar.

Records Management Assignment: Part 2


When I go through my email, I find that I am subscribed to too many

emails that I do not open and I find that it takes up too much room on my
email. An example would be that I receive too many promotional emails
from Bath and Body Works. Since I rarely shop there, I do not need their
emails filling up my inbox. I only try to keep a few subscriptions that I
know I look at on a daily basis.

Records Management Assignment: Part 2

Set Time to Manage Emails

Every month I set aside some time, usually 15-20mins, to organize or

delete items in each email to declutter and put into folders, or review to
download onto desktop. For example, If I have an online receipt from
SportChek from 5 months ago, I would delete it since it is not relevant
anymore. Another example would be if I sent an email to myself with an
attached document from months ago, I would consider how important it
is, if I have a saved copy already and its relevance.

Records Management Assignment: Part 2


I use 3 main emails to organize my school, work, and personal parts of

my life. With each email account, there is an specific purpose and use.
With my DCMail account, it is specifically for school, such as responding
back to professors, or group work. For my two personal accounts, I set
one aside for online payments and appointments, and the third email for
more everyday and shopping uses.

Records Management Assignment: Part 2