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Building an Online Business

Mitchell Megla
Driving Question
How can I help my
community by assisting
in selling dog treats?

- Help Dino Retire.

- Deliver Great Products.
- Build an Online Business.
- Serve a Larger Community.
Ms. Getzen

- Informed me about the difficulties

of setting up an online business.

Ms. Lindsey

- Kept me on track through

periodical check in periods.


- The man who is the backbone

behind everything.
Persuasive Essay
Thesis Statement: Online businesses overall
are causing large expansion in the realm of
efficiency due to the lowering of the cost of
transferring, processing, and storing

This project didn’t really help all that much,

even though I did learn from it. This is
because my project is somewhat of an odd
project, and this was more so oriented for
more mainstream projects.
Project Vision and Proposal
As stated in my Project Proposal, I was going to
accomplish making an Amazon Business selling dog
treats. It would have been an astonishing feat to do in
my opinion to do it by the time this project was due,
but I do have a product, while learning many lessons
along the way.
The First Steps
- In the beginning the whole idea
seemed quite easy to implement,
how hard was it to just take
pictures of something and post it on
the internet?
- So I did research, and turns out
there were a decent amount of
regulations that I had to go through
that weren’t really that clear in my
- After this I mainly communicated
with Dino more about the idea to
figure out the details about each
other’s roles in the business.
- At one point I was overrun by my necessity to have freewill,
complete my schoolwork, and do this project (which I am doing
for myself, not just for this class). The worst way of
compensating with this problem which I took, which was
- After going to a few more classes of Junior Projects, I decided I
really needed to start and just get over it.
- Money, was also a problem, as I would be receiving little to no
compensation, to help Dino and that could range between most
likely around 200-500 depending upon how far I wanted to go
with this.
A Leap Closer
- At one point he suggested starting out small with a website,
and I thought it was somewhat pointless as he would reach a
much smaller audience. After some time I realized this was
the best step to start with.
- Ms. Lindsey also recommended this idea, and I decided after
that I would just start on that and see how far I could go
with that road.
- Turns out this was the best idea, and even though it wasn’t
my end goal, I learned a lot from this project, and will be
continuing striving towards my goal even after this project is
Project Reflection
This project has tested me in many
ways that other projects haven’t, as
this one requires either different
skills, and or skills applied in
different manners to get to your
goal. Some of these include:

● Collaboration
● Communication
● Critical thinking
● Self direction
● Research
Takeaways for my Future
Next time I do one of these projects on my own, or for school I will attempt to incorporate
these lessons that I learned from doing this project. These lessons include:

● Organizing your research in some format so you can refer to it later.

● Strengthening communication to allow for better collaboration.
● Avoiding procrastination to the best of your ability.
● Starting small so you don’t get overwhelmed.
I haven’t accomplished my goals yet, but I
am on my way there. Some special
people I would like to mention for helping
me get this far would be:

● Some of my classmates, for

reviewing my work
● Ms. Lindsey
● Dino