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Proposal for Final-Project
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Submitted to: ECE (WKU).

Submission Date: 29/03/2019 G.C.


Mobile networks are the fastest growing, most popular and least understood Internet systems.
It’s the most widely used commercial wireless network that provides voice and data services
across the globe.

The primary operations in the telecommunication network industry include network site
identification and planning, signal strength measurements with coverage estimation for the
expansion of system.
Remote Sensing technology and Geographic Information System (GIS) can be incorporated into
this procedure because most of the factors in radio wave propagation are geographic features.
1.1 Back ground of study
Mobile communications is currently ,fastest growth period in history due
to enabling technologies which permit wide spread deployment.

The ability to provide wireless communications to an entire population was

first conceived when Bell Laboratories developed the cellular concept in
the 1960s and 1970s .

The future growth of user-based mobile communication systems will

depend on the technology advances in the signal processing and
network operator.

The utilization of telecommunications and information technology by using

the network has been introduced in network performance measurement
significantly by updating mobile networks.
1.2 Statement of problem

The most common and conventional method used to measure the network
performance is called drive test with network measurement devices and drive
systems across the network and collect data that can be analyzed and used.

This conventional network performance measurement method has also been

used in Ethiopia by Ethio Telecom to collect information about its network.

As a result, network operator spend significant amount money initially to own

efficient measurement system and then continuously to make it operational and

In this project, we present an alternative analyzing mobile signal strength

measurement system that will address most challenges of the conventional
drive test.
1.3 Objective of the study

1.3.1 General objective

 To Analyzing signal strength in MATLAB application and implementing in a

mobile terminal that can measure signal strength performance of mobile

1.3.2 Specific objective

 To Collect and grasp knowledge and understanding on mobile technologies,

signal strength and propagations models.

 To Measure the signal strength using the MATLAB software .

 To Identify the received signal strength level by reference signal (RS)
measurements (RSRP ,RSSI,RSRQ).
1.4 Scope of the Project

The scope of this study is focused to measuring and analyzing the

signal strength performance with different BS antenna height and
Propagation models parameter.

1.5 Organization of study

This proposal thesis study is organized in to six chapters .
In the first chapter
 Introduction
 background of study
 statements of the problems
 objective, scope
In chapter two
 “Literature review
In chapter three
 Methodology
In chapter four
 results of the analysis
In chapter five
 the benefits and beneficiary of the study
Finally chapter six
 conclusion and recomendation
3. Methodology
4. System design of study
4.1 System setup

GPS Allocatoin
Base Measure
station distance

Head Equiped Pr(dBm)

with TEMS

Figure 4.1 Schematic diagram of measurement set the MS and BTS

continually measure the signal strength or signal quality of the
serving cell by using the principle of cellular system.
Figure 4.2 Design of Mobile-terminal based signal
strength measurement system
5. Benefit of project

 Measure signal strength performance of mobile network.

 specify the path loss in propagation models (Okuruma-hata
propagation model,COST231 propagation model and free space
propagation model).
 The economic and development role of mobile network Challenges
of the conventional drive test.

5.1 beneficiary of the project

 All of the world who used amobile .

 Tele communications and information technology organization.