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Yulieda Hermaniar, M.Pd
 Name clothing you see in this room
 Name kinds of fruit
 Name parts of the body
 Name kinds of animal
 Name cities in The United States and Canada
 Name Language
 Name school subjects
Nouns in the sentences
 As a subject
Birds fly
I walk alone
 As an object
I kick the ball
John is holding a pen in his hand


Singular Plural
1. A pen 1. Two pens
An apple Three apples
A cup Four cups
An elephant Five elephants
2. Baby 2. Babies
City Cities
3. Boy 3. Boys
Key Keys
4. Wife 4. Wives
Thief Thieves
5. Dish 5. Dishes
Match Matches
Class Classes
Box Boxes
6. Man 6. Men
Woman Women
Child Children
Baby cowboy lady
Boy dictionary party city
Exercise Key tray country
1. Mr. and Mrs. Parker have one daughter and two sons. They have
one girl and two _________
2. The students in my class come from many __________
3. Women give birth to __________
4. My money and my _________ are in my pocket.
5. I know the names of many __________ in The United States
and Canada.
6. I like to go to ___________ because I like to meet and talk to
7. People carry their food on _________ at a cafeteria.
8. We always use our ___________ when we write composition.
9. Good evening, __________ and gentlemen.
10. ____________ ride horses.
Countable and Uncountable
Singular Plural A Countable Noun

Countable A book books

Noun One book two books SINGULAR
some books a + noun
Noun + s
a lot of books one + noun
many books
a few books
Uncountable Money An Uncountable Noun PLURAL
Noun Some money Noun
A lot of money SINGULAR
Much money Do not use a
nouns do not have
A little money Do not use one
plural forms

Common uncountable nouns

Advise mail bread pepper help furniture money cheese rice music
Coffee salt homework peace food soup information traffic fruit
sugar jewelry weather meat tea luck work milk water
Let’s try!
1. Chair 13. Assignment

2. Furniture 14. Music

3. Coin 15. Coffee

4. money 16. Library

5. Letters 17. Peace

6. Mail 18. Advice

7. Traffic 19. Good job

8. Car 20. Work

9. Fact 21. Water

10. Information 22. Jewelry

11. Homework 23. earrings

12. necklace