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Payment Systems

Presented to: Dr. Talha Salam

Rohab Shafiq l18-3100
Muneeb Suhail l18-3082
Sana Mehr l18-3123

Agenda 01 How the payment industry in India has undergone great expansion and
transformed itself at the same time.

The New Age of Payment

02 How new banks a.k.a. the challengers are giving the old timers a hard
run for their money by bringing in innovations in the payment systems.

Traditional Way Vs. The Digital Way

03 The different methods of how people used to pay back in the days
versus the current digital age.

Opportunities and Challenges

04 What steps did the government of India take to digitalize its payment
systems and the challenges it had to face.

Success Factors
05 What factors have played their role in the making of “Digital India” and
how those factors can be mimicked for Pakistan
Electronic Payment Systems

An e-payment system is a way of
making transactions or paying for
goods and services through an
electronic medium without the use
of checks or cash.
Electronic Payment Systems

Cash Payment Credit Payment

Pay for Systems Systems
Goods • Direct Debit • Credit card
• E-Check • E-Wallet
• E-Cash • Smart Card
• Stored Value
EPS Timeline

2013 2014 2015 2016

Master Card Adoption of Increase in Online Money

Launch mobile mobile transfers
payments payments
Pros and Cons
Risk of being hacked ! More Clients
The worse situation when the system of Reaching more clients from all over the
processing company has been broken, world, which results in increased sales
because it leads to the leak of personal
data on cards and its owners.

The need for internet access Efficient transactions

It’s impossible to complete transaction More effective and efficient transactions
without a proper internet connection because they are made with just one

Lack of anonymity Convenience

Text Here
Personal data is stored in the database Customers can pay for items on an e-
of the payment system. commerce website at anytime and

Fraud Expense control for customers

E-commerce fraud is growing 30% per They can always check their virtual
year. account where they can find transaction
The New Age of Payment
• Operate on a brick and mortar model
Legacy Banks • Huge staff and Costs
• Multiple layers of hierarchy

• Rapid technology adoption

Challengers banks • Better customer orientation
• Favorable cost-income ratios

Liberalization Foreign banks FinTech Mergers

Ease in the issuance in Enjoy on par treatment Emerging as strong Merger of the larger
the banking license with other banks contenders to banks banks with the smaller
and inefficient players
Traditional Vs Digital
Clearing House concept

Cards used for Online Payments

ATM withdrawals with Debit Cards

Unified payment interface

Desktop for payment transaction


Platforms to
accept mobile
payments 02 04
03 Digitization
Partnership accessibility
Checkouts 01

Understanding the process

Security of data and

Acceptance of multi High processing fees

currency payments

Technical Systems
Success Factors
Top exporter
of IT Products

Internet usage penetration

Secure Authentication
Innovative ways Recognition

IRIS Verification

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