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Curriculum Management

Role of teacher in the


By: Prof. Dan C. Galarion

Role of teachers in the curriculum process

Sharing Activity:
• Think of your first day of service in teaching
• Recall the first work that was assigned to you by
your superior on that day
• Was that work has something to do with
• From then on, what was your involvement in the
curriculum development process?
• How did those experiences help you shape your
leadership potentials as a curriculum manager?
Role of teachers in the curriculum process

• The teachers’ role in the curriculum process

is critical because they are responsible for
implementing the curriculum in the
The Role of Teachers in State
and National Standard
• When DepEd revise and update its
curriculum, teachers make sure that all of
the state and national standards for the
grade level or course are being met by the
class curriculum
Textbook Adoption
• Districts will often purchase revised copies
or new textbooks during curriculum
revision. Teachers are given sample copies
to review and test in the classroom. Then,
the teachers select the textbook that fits the
needs and present it to the school board for
Developing Activities
• Teachers develop new activities continually
to help bolster the curriculum. These
activities help the teachers meet state
Developing Assessment Product
• Teachers develop tests, layered curriculum
projects, and portfolios as assessment
products. These assessment products ensure
that the students are learning the

Differentiate Instruction
• Teachers will differentiate the curriculum
for their students. Teachers will revise and
adapt the curriculum so that all learning
modalities are met. They will also adapt the
curriculum to meet the needs of students of
various abilities in the classroom.

What is your role in structuring a
multigrade classroom?
• How does your classroom structure look
like? Dont say it, draw it.
• Give your reason why you adopt such
• What is your observation about the behavior
and performance of the pupils with this
Structuring the Classroom

Work Table Work Table

Using ICT in the classroom
• Discuss among your group the following:
– What are the resources available in your
– How did you utilize them?
– If you have some ICT equipment, how would
you use them in teaching?
• Reminder:
– Instructional materials are just a tool. They
might help to facilitate learning but they should
not be made the object of learning because
learning will always take place without them.

– The important point here is we use the

technology not becase it is available but
because it is necessary.
Using Information and Communication

• Demonstration and illustration of abstract


• Productivity tool

• Instructional tool

• Communication
Teacher Training
• Discuss among your group the following:
– What are the different forms of training that
you have attended?
– Were these training effective to you?
– Learning from your experiences in the conduct
of these training, propose a reform on how
DepEd should conduct teachers training.
– What are other forms of training which we
could apply effectively in multigrade teaching
which should not be costly.
Teacher Training
• Face to face training:
Curriculum Development and IT Unit:
Computer literacy focusing on basic computer
skills including email, web browsing and use
of document browser
• Online training:
SchoolNet SA:
Specialized multigrade module focusing on
online communication, accessing curriculum
and resources via the web
• CD Rom and print resources
Multifunctional Team Training

• Face to face training:

Project Team:
Introductory course on cluster management,
accessing and delivering curriculum and
resources via the web
• Online mentoring and facilitation course:
SchoolNet SA:
Specialized multigrade module focusing on
online communication and community
building, peer support,
• CD Rom and print resources
Life-long Learning and Accreditation
• Accredited training modules – NQF
• Certification of teachers by tertiary institutions
• Developing further study opportunities and
courses in multigrade teaching
• Promotion and career opportunities in
multigrade education
• Recognizing the value of multigrade education
- a teachers story…
Systems thinking in problem
Causal Loop
1. Write and encircle the word “poor
quality multigrade class” at the center of
the paper.
2. Identify its causes then write and
encircle each around the main issue.
3. Connect each cause by drawing an
arrow pointing to the main issue.
4. Probe further the identified cause in
terms of causes until you come up with
the root causes.
5. Choose a reporter to present the output.
1. What is the relationship of the
issues written in the circles nearest
to the center?
2. What about the other circles to
other circles connected by arrows
pointing to the latter?
3. What are your insights about the
meaning of the web?