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Reliance Trends is a leading lifestyle retail chain with over
509 retail stores across India. Reliance Trends offers stylish, high-
quality products across Womens wear, Lingerie, Menswear, Kids
wear and fashion accessories through a diversified portfolio of own
brands, national and international brands.
The uniqueness of the store is the core, which delivers "fashion at
great value". Spread over 8,000 – 24,000 square feet of shopping
area, each Reliance Trends store is designed to offer a unique
shopping experience for the entire family through wide aisles,
coordinated displays and highly trained fashion professionals
offering best in class customer assistance.
Reliance Trends customer can access a large collection of
fashionable, high quality products at great value delivered at their
door steps.

•Primary objective:
To study the brand loyalty of customer towards Reliance trends.
•Secondary objective:
•To study the satisfaction level of people regarding Reliance retail.
•To find out the consumer real expectations in products available in Reliance Trends.
•To know the awareness level of people regarding reliance retail.
•To understand the services provided by Reliance Trends to its customers
•To study different types of Promotional activities done by reliance trends for driving more
Research Methodology:
Research design:
The type of research followed is descriptive in nature as it is determining the brand loyalty of customer in retail
Method Of data collection:
Sources of data:
The data will be collected both primary and secondary data
Primary data:
Questioner were collected
Questionare was used as a tool for collection of data.
Secondary data:
The data that can be collected from the journals, websites and magazines.
Sample size:
The size of sample collected is 100 respondents.

Methods of sampling
The method of sampling is convenience sampling. In this type of sampling respondents are picked on the basis
of convenience of the researcher i.e. taking samples from people whom are searcher meets or are available.
Convenience sampling is simple, low budget, and do not require a list of population. Also no statistical
expertise is required for sampling.
Sampling units:
Customer of reliance trends.
•The research is conducted in order to find the satisfaction level and the retention of the customer of Reliance Trends.
•The Reliance Trends is further interested to know the major factors which can be used for attracting the customers.
•The study is conducted to find what the customers feel about Reliance Trends
•The research is conducted how the services provided byReliance Trends.
•Measuring consumer behaviour in a selected region and understand various factors affecting the customer choice while shopping.
Limitations of Study
•The study is limited to particular place.
• Sample size was small due to time constraint.
•Accuracy of the data depends on the respondents and the source used respectively.
•Results cannot be generated to the whole of india.Since it is restricted to chennai alone.
(1) 20-25 (2) 25-30 (3) 30-35 (4) 35-40
(1) Male (2) Female
4.Average monthly income:
(1)Below 20000 (2)20001- 40000 (3)40001-60000 (4)Above 60000
(1) Business (2)Professional (3)Service
6. Are you satisfied with retail brands ?
(1)Highly satisfied (2)Satisfied (3)Neutral (4)Dissatisfied (5)Highly dissatisfied
7. Do you feel retail trends are necessary in Metropolitan’s & important cities?
(1)Highly satisfied (2)Satisfied (3)Neutral (4)Dissatisfied (5)Highly dissatisfied
8. Trend in Business since last 1 year
(1) Increasing Every Month (2)Decreasing (3)No Change (4)Uncertain
9. What % of customers are regular
(1) Less than 25% (2) 25-50% (3)More than 50% (4)Difficult to Say
10. The profile of Customers visiting your Store
(1) Upper Class (2)Middle Class (3)Lower Class (4)Mixed
11.Did they Introduced offers for the product
(1) Yes (2)No
12. Did theyIntroduced Customer Loyalty programs
(1)Yes (2)No
13. Technology Availability, adoption and feasibility are major concern for the industry
(1)Strongly Agree (2)Agree (3)Neutral (4)Disagree (5)Strongly Disagree