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 This meeting has been arranged in order to inform
every employee about the new organizational
 Change is necessary in order to make business
operations profitable and stable again.
 Goal of this meeting is to communicate ideas to all
employees of Curtis House Inn and understand
everyone's perspective in respect to these changes.

 To increase the quality of food products served to
 Make service to customers better by being efficient.
 Make implementations for better management pattern.
 Make organization hygienic and necessary repairs.
 To make financial performance of organization better.
 Reacting to problems of employees and addressing to
their needs.
 Resolving conflict between owners
Desired outcomes

 Establishing a better relationship between employer
and employees and retain their loyalty.
 Improve employee performance by providing them
cooking training.
 Improvement of product quality
 Improvement of service provided to customer.
 Make organizational revenue better and operations
 Retain customers by providing them better quality of

 Organizing regular meetings with staffs.
 Providing high quality training for better cooking
 Hiring well-trained and experienced employees for
better customer service.
 Allocating job to certain employees to check the food
quality and aligning it with food standards.
 Renovation of whole Inn and make minor and major

 Raw Materials for foods will be checked regularly so
that overall food product is aligned with standards.
 Inform organizational changes to staff by posting it
in their notice board.
 Appointing professional trainers to make
improvement in food taste.
 Customer survey will be conducted in order to
understand their needs and expectations.
Roles and responsibilities of

 Understand organizational needs and align their
duties accordingly.
 Issues must be reported to management team.
 Active participation in every duty that are allocated.
 Abiding all organizational policies and rules.
 Treat customers with respect and politeness.
 Provide suggestions based on customer feedbacks
which they receive
Roles and responsibilities of

 Treating every employee with respect.
 Addressing all needs and suggestions of employees.
 Monitor performance of employees within the
organization address necessary feedbacks to those
lagging behind.
 Make working environment better for employee
work satisfaction.
 Listen to feedbacks of employees and motivating
them to achieve their objectives
Key timeline
Improving relationship 1 week CJ and Chris (Owners)
between owners
Establishment of better 5 days Owner, management
employee and and employees
employer relationship
Implementing better 2 weeks Cooks and Room
quality of food and service
Making Inn hygienic 3 days Housekeeping
Financial 1 month Owners and financial
improvements management

 Meeting aims to communicate all organizational changes
and other relevant information to their employees.
 Food quality and service to customers are to be improved.
 Financial condition of the Inn will be developed and make
business profitable.
 Strategies such as appointing trainer, conducting surveys
will be used in order to make their operations profitable.
 Employer and employees are deemed to cooperate with
such changes in the organization.
Thank you