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The Rise of Electric

Super Cars
By Ajeng Mawarni Putri & Dedy Juansyah Putra
What Electric Cars is?

● Electric cars have risen to stardom because of

their low impact on the environment.
● The luxury car market took notice of the trend
and began to incorporate electric supercars into
their lineups.
● The cars run off electric or in some cases are
hybrid using both gasoline and electric.
● Electric cars need charged in order to run. An
example for this is the Tesla Charging Locations
in the garages at Easton.

 Luxury Appeal  Ordinary Appeal

 Low Impact on  High Impact on
Environment Environment
 Cost Less Fuel  Cost High Fuel
 Home Charging  Gas Station Charging
 Low Maintenance  High Maintenance
 Lack of Noise  Lot of Noise
 High Performance  Ordinary Performance
 Pretty Short Driving Ranges
 Recharging Takes Time
 Large Initial Investment
 Availability Charging Station
 Fewer Choices
 Normally 2 Seaters
 Battery Replacement
 Government needs to assist in the
development of electric car
infrastructure to make the technology
more viable for consumers
 Tax rebates could be given to make the
price of an electric car more
 The number of charging stations need
to increase around the country
 Special parking and traffic lanes could
be given to those with electric vehicles
Electric vehicles are one the keys
to a greener future!

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