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Change in the

Contemporary World:
From Call Centers, Social Network, to Plastic Bags
The Contemporary World

The circumstances and ideas of the present age; (The

Free Dictionary)
It is an ever-changing mix of social and political changes.
Challenges of the 21st century: emerging technologies,
health care, overpopulation, climate change, poverty,
illiteracy, disease, and migration.
The Call center business: A Philippine career reality?
What is it?

A call center serves as the bridge or link between

customers and a company. It is composed of agents or
representatives who are strictly trained to handle
customer calls effectively and quickly.
The agents directly receive and transmit calls on the
company’s behalf as they address the problems or issues
of customers concerning the company’s products or
There has been a rapid growth and development of IT in
the Philippines, so call centers are now seen by many as a
very lucrative source of income.
Facts about Call Centers

In a survey conducted in 2005, the PH was among the top

BPO destinations worldwide after attracting 20% of the
total world market share in call center services in 2004.
Call centers have contributed at least 12% to the Gross
National Product
In 2010, call centers in the PH have generated $13 billion
giving jobs to at least 1M or more Filipinos.
Why is it “in demand”?

The call center’s ability to strengthen the relationship

between a company and its clients as the company
management gets the benefit of having its customers’
issues resolved, while focusing on more important
business-related matters.
The companies have the ability to deal with their
customers more quickly and at a larger population.
The call centers have low operational and labor costs.
The call center agents who are not only proficient and
competent in English language but in other languages as
well pleases foreign clients.
The call center’s workforce handles just about anything
from sales, investor relations, customer care, crisis
management, and marketing, and subsequently brings
benefits to company and customers.
How is it like in the daily life of a call
center agent?

Shifting schedules
Unpredictable clients
Always competitive
Balancing work and life
The Call Center Agents’ Lifestyle
By Carolina T. Gonzales
Environment Issues: A Slap of Reality
State of PH environment: Good
conservation efforts, bad air quality

The capital’s air quality is dirtier, while endangered

species are bouncing back and reforestation rates go up.
–Pia Ranada, 2015
“Climate change is now a part of our lives, it is
happening, and it is now the new normal” –Ramon Paje
(Environment Secretary), 2015.
PH: third worst polluter of oceans
(Greenpeace, 2017)

Environmental group Greenpeace has ranked the PH as

the “third worst polluter into the world’s oceans” after
China and Indonesia.
Western consumer giants (Nestle, Unilever, Procter
&Gamble) are polluting oceans by selling products
packaged in cheap, disposable plastic to Filipinos.
Single-use plastics from products sold by conglomerates,
such as bags, bottle labels, and straws, stood out duting a
week-long Greenpeace clean-up campaign,
More than 54,200 pieces of plastic waste were recovered
from the bay.
Greenpeace said the PH contributed 1.88M tons of
mismanaged plastic waste each year with Thailand,
Vietnam, and Malaysia.
The recycling symbol

• The number show the type of resin.

• The resin identification system is a set of
symbols placed on plastics to identify the
polymer type.
• The purpose is to allow efficient
separation of different polymer types for
• It does not indicate how hard the item is
to recycle, nor how often the plastic was
The Ban for Plastic: A Global Concern
By Carolina T. Gonzales
Pia Ranada (2014) reported the continued prevalence of
plastic bags in Manila Bay, which according to Aileen
Lucero of EcoWaste Coalition, proves that the solid waste
management in Metro Manila is far from effective as she
encourages everyone to do their part by bringing
reusable bags.
According to Jamie Marie Elona (2012), each individual
uses 22,176 plastic bags in an average lifetime.
Plastic bags are the most common type of garbage
found in Manila Bay.
The audit, organized by groups like EcoWaste Coalition,
Greenpeace, and Mother Earth Foundation, collected
1,594 liters of garbage, 23.2% of which were found to be
plastic bags.
Destructive Effects of Plastics (Elona, 2012)

“Plastics dumped in bodies of water like Manila Bay can

wreak havoc in marine ecosystems. Plastic bags and cans
can choke marine animals or damage coral reefs. Ingested
micro plastics can poison fish and sea turtles. When these
marine animals end up on the dinner plate, plastics also find
their way into humans.”
What action did the government do?

31 councilors voted for the passage of City Ordinance

No. 7393 that bans “the use of any form of plastic bags on
dry goods and regulating its utilization on wet goods, as
well as the use of polystyrene and similar materials as
containers for food, goods, and other products.
A Report About a Student
How can you visualize Omar?
Would you say the Omar showed logical and objective
Does Omar deserve the honor accorded to him?
Would you recommend other people to read this news?
Advance Organizers

Used to present information so that you can better

understand and remember information you are learning.
A tool used to introduce the topic of the lesson and to
illustrate the relationship between what you are about to
learn and the information that you have already learned.
It provides a visual structure of ideas or information, and
they also act as a conceptual bridge between the
information you already know and what you are about to
Examples: Analogies, graphic organizers
Organizer 1 books a

in classroom
to friends
oral activities
Improving in English
your oral

Writing Watching
journals English
in English movies
The poet Po Cheng Ao
Chu and Li Poets through
connects his
Po connect their poems
reveal how they poem
their poems are affected by
through his
to nature and their
customs country’s
and the customs and
and traditions

environment traditions.
Vocabulary Skills
Formal Definition
Formal Definition

Definition by classification
Explains a term by giving explanatory examples of its use.
3 Parts

1. Identify the term to be defined.

Sample: MODEM (term)
2. To guide the readers in identifying the term, place it in the general class to
which the term belongs.
Sample: DEVICE (class)
3. Find the differences of the term from the general class to communicate an
exact meaning of the term.
Differentiation: that makes possible the transmission of data to or from a
computer via telephone.
4. Write in pattern.
A modem is a device that makes the transmission of data to or from a
computer via telephone possible.
Term Pneumonia
Class A lung infection
Differentiation That can be caused by different types of germs,
most commonly viruses
Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be caused by different types
of germs, most commonly viruses.

Term Editorial
Class A journalistic piece
Differentiation Which is designed to inform, entertain, and
influence the readers.
An editorial is a journalistic piece which is designed to inform,
entertain, and influence the readers.
Read the definitions of concepts in the
following sentences and complete the table.

1. A phenomenon is a scientific usage that identifies an even which is

2. Being impulsive refers to a person’s behavior concerning the tendency
to do things suddenly and without careful thoughts.
3. An octogenarian is a person who is between 80 and 89 years old.
4. A thesis statement is a sentence that states the main point or idea.
5. An arena is an enclosed area, often circular or oval-shaped, designed
to showcase theater, musical performances, or sporting events.

Identify the class and differentiation of the following terms below.

Write also the formal definition based on its class and
a.Recycling process
b.Plastic materials
c.Biodegradable substances
Oral Fluency
Public Speaking
What is Public Speaking?

Delivering speech in front of a large audience in a formal

Communicating ideas with others through words as well
as actions
Communicating with the audience directly to create
ideas in the mind of others with the use of facial
expressions and stimuli of words and movements
Which among the situations can be
considered as public speaking experience?

Making a speech at a friend’s birthday

Giving a eulogy for a loved one
Inspiring a group of volunteers at a charity event
Teaching a class how to use a new gadget
Delivering a talk about your school organization/club to
new students
Which among the situations manifest lack
of confidence?

Speaking loud and clear

Speaking too fast or stumbling over one’s words
Speaking in low, muffled tones
Speaking in a high-pitched, squeaky voice
Looking at the ceiling
Scratching one’s head
Techniques for Public Speaking

Get a newspaper and read one or two paragraphs of a

text. Take the necessary pause every time you see a
comma and before “and” and “or”. Remember to record
yourself while doing this exercise and then playback the
recording so that you can hear the difference.
Taking deep breaths is important for maintaining
Talking about your worries or fears with friends or in class.
More practice and experience
Four Factors that Affect Public Speaking

The mental portion covers issues such as performance

anxiety and techniques like visualization (imagining
ahead of time the challenging public speaking task and
preparing for it in a positive way).
The verbal section helps make sure that the speaker uses
words and correct pronunciation which are
comprehensible and appropriate for his or her audience.
The visual segment helps speakers familiarize themselves
with the audience and subject matter, dress
appropriately, and maintain eye contact when delivering
a speech.
The vocal portion provides the importance of proper
speech patterns and techniques like limiting the instances
of having a monotone delivery and planning how and
when to make emphasis in the speech delivery.
Language Workshop
Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns
Mom: Have you done your homework?
Son: Yes, I’m done, Mom.
Mom: Have you really done your homework?
Son: Yes, I myself studied it. Have you checked it yourself?
Please check it yourself, Mom. Thanks.
Mom: Are you sure you are done with it?
Son: Sorry, Mom. I was so engrossed with my tablet. I
should be the one checking it. Not you. You also have
too many home and office tasks to do. I would just
recheck it myself.
Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

Words that end in –self or –selves: myself, yourself,

himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves,
Reflexive Pronouns

Objects that refer to the subject.

Jennie bought herself a dress.
The boy wrote himself a letter.
They should address the letter to themselves.
Intensive Pronouns

 Used to emphasize a noun or pronoun. It can be omitted from the

sentence without changing its meaning.
My mother herself paid for my shoes.
We ourselves wrote the letter of request..
Practice Exercise: Circle the subject, underline the
reflexive/intensive pronoun, and draw an arrow to
connect the reflexive pronoun to the subject.

1. I treated myself at the buffet restaurant.

2. She should let herself into the school.
3. Jimmy brought himself his most favorite shoes.
4. Jen bought herself some accessories.
5. The monkey hangs itself in the trees.
6. The housewives themselves prepared the food.
7. The school paper editor himself can join the press conference.
8. The lady guard herself helped the older woman cross the street.
9. We ourselves initiated the cleanliness campaign.
10.The dog itself kissed the puppies.
Performance Task:

Write a persuasive speech giving emphasis to

important points of your speech.