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All employees, volunteers and board members of The Life

Enrichment Center have the duty and responsibility to

safeguard the rights of every person served.

It is therefore the policy of the organization to receive and

consider all complaints and grievances submitted by individuals
regarding the delivery of services and, if deemed appropriate,
to seek resolution. This policy applies to all staff, volunteers,
and LEC Board Members.
Every person served is given a list of their rights when they
enroll at the Center. These rights are also included in the
Center Handbook. A copy of the handbook is given to each

Individuals review their rights on an annual basis during their

ISP meeting, and have the opportunity to engage in Rights
classes at the Center. During these classes they practice
scenarios exercising their rights.
Persons served may file complaints or grievances or report
violations of their rights. Complaints and grievances may be
submitted in writing and/or verbally.

The Life Enrichment Center has the duty and responsibility to

receive and consider complaints and grievances and, if
deemed appropriate, to seek to resolve them.
As an employee of The Life Enrichment Center, you must be
familiar with the rights of the people that we serve and the
process for submitting complaints and grievances.
Any person served, his/her guardian, his/her representative, or any
staff member may file a complaint if they feel that an individual’s
rights have been violated.
 Step 1
File your complaint with the Rights Representative. Your
Representative’s name is posted at your program service site.
A form for complaints is available upon request, though you
may also make your complaint by telephone, in person, in
writing, by referral, fax, on-line intake form, or email. The
Rights Representative will act on your complaint within seven
(7) working days.
 Step 2
If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can
file a written request to the Chairman of the Board for a
review. This request must be filed within fifteen (15) working
days after you receive your response from the Rights
Representative. The review will be completed within ten (10)
working days from the date of your request and you will be
informed of the outcome.
 Step 3
If you are not satisfied with the outcome given to you by the
Chairman of the Board, you have ten (10) working days to file
a written request for review with the Regional DBHDD Board.
The Regional Director will inform you of the outcome no later
than ten (10) working days from the date of your request.
 Step 4
If you are still not satisfied with the results you have received
thus far, you can file a written request for a review with the
Director of the Division of Mental Health, Developmental
Disabilities, Addictive Diseases no later than ten (10) working
days after you receive your response.
The full procedure for filing Rights Complaints and
Grievances is outlined in the Department of Behavioral
Health and Developmental Disabilities Policy No. 19-101,
Complaints and Grievances Regarding Community
Services, last revised May, 2018.