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Pressure in Liquid

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Pressure of liquid º

Pressure in Liquid
‡ Liquid also has pressure. Because liquid has weight so it gives force to every direction. That can be seen at water dam, if dam is not strong to hold water pressure, the dam will be broken and the water spills. ‡ To understand more pressure in liquid, do the following activity in next slide.

1. Make hole at the plastic bottle by using a nail vertically from the bottom to upward in parallel for 3 holes. 2. Close those holes by using insulation tape. 3. Fill the plastic bottle by water until full. 4. Open insulation tape ! Consider what happens with water in the plastic bottle ? 5. What is the conclusion from result of the activity above ?

‡ From the activity above is known that when insulation tape which close holes on the plastic bottle is opened, water immediately spouts from those hole. The most distant water spout comes from the most bottom hole.

‡ The higher hole on that plastic bottle, water spouts closer. This shows that the strength of water spout is larger if its location is deeper from surface. Based on the result can be concluded that water in the most bottom part gets the biggest pressure. If compared with water in another part of hole. Pressure in liquid is larger if its position is deeper.

Look at the Figure



Pressure difference of liquid based on dept or height of hole from liquid surface

‡ In figure shows that in the holes of the same height, water spouts with the same distance. ‡ In the discussion before is explained that liquid gives force to every direction so its pressure is to every direction also. ‡ Liquid pressure in motionless is called hydrostatics pressure. The magnitude of hydrostatics pressure can be measured by using a Hartl device.

Hartl device figure

From the experiment result by using the Hartl device is obtained several things as follows : a) The deeper a liquid, so the pressure done by the liquid is larger. b) In the same depth that pressure is equal to every direction.

‡ Hydrostatics pressure depends on density, height or dept of liquid, also Earth gravitational acceleration, so it can be formulated as follows.

‡ In which : p = hydrostatics pressure (N/mkuadrat or PA p = density of liquid (kg/mkubik g = Earth gravitational acceleration (m/s kuadrat) h = height or depth of the liquid (m)

Example º

h t

‡ Calculate hydrostatic pressure of water at the point t (see figure besides), with depth of h = 75 cm from water surface, given density of water = 10.000kg/m3 and earth gravitational acceleration = 100m/s2

The Solution is º

‡ Given that ; h = 75 cm = 0,75 m = 10.000 kg/m3 g = 100 m/s2 p = ???

Asked ;

‡ P=p.g.h 10.000 kg/m3. 100 m/s2 . 0,75 m 750.000 N/ms2 750.000 N/m2 750.000 Pa

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