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1. Which of the following is an example of a

computer peripheral?

a. Screwdriver
b. Printer
c. Software
d. Application
2. Who is the only person that must be
authorized to do computer installation?

a. Property Custodian
b.Safety Officer
c. Supervisor
d.Computer Technician
3. Coded programs and instructions that control
the overall operations of a computer or may
also help in increasing office productivity are
called __________________.

a. Hardware
b. Peripheral
c. Software
d. System
4. Which of the following job requirements
would highly require an image editing
software to be installed?

a. Accounting
c. Graphic Design
d.Office Productivity
5. What must be worn to avoid damaging a
component by transferring unwanted
charges to it?

a. Anti-static Bags
b. Goggles
c. Gloves
d. Anti-static Straps
6. When not in use, all electronic
components must be kept in

a. Paper boxes
b. Plastic Bags
c. Glass Boxes
d. Anti-static Bags
7. An employee wishes to install a new printer
into his computer, what must he do to ensure
that the OHS procedures are followed?

a. Test the printer in another computer

b. Read the manual and install the printer
c. Immediately install the printer himself
d. Let the technician install the printer
8. What refers to the internal components of a
computer, the peripherals needed, and the
software to be installed in a computer system
to fulfill a job requirement?

a. Electrification
b. Mensuration
c. Organization
d. Specification
9. What type of injury is commonly acquired
from incorrect handling of peripherals?

a. Laceration
b. Electrocution
c. Incision
d. Amputation
10.Who should be the only person allowed to
install and maintain a computer system or

a. Engineer
b. Technician
c. Supervisor
d. Manager
11.What peripheral must be installed to
prevent the CPU from overheating?

a. Hot Sink
b. Heat Seek
c. Heat Sink
d. Heat Seek
12.Where are the locks of a memory module

a. Top
c. Center
d. Bottom
13.What must be aligned to ensure that the
CPU is properly placed?

a. Locks
b. Jacks
c. Pins
d. Threads
14.What software must be installed to act as
the overall manager of the computer
system’s actions?

a. Application Software
b. Malware
c. Operating System
d. System Driver
15.Which of the following departments is in-
charge of computer systems and network

a. Accounting Department
b. Building Administration
c. Electrical Department
d. IT Department
16.Proper coordination among the different
departments will reduce work

a. Disruption
b. Productivity
c. Efficiency
d. Completion
17.Which software must be installed to
ensure that all peripherals will work

a. System Driver
b. Operating System
c. Malware
d. Application Software
18.What type of cable is usually used to
connect a computer system to the

a. PPT Cable
b. TUP Cable
c. UTP Cable
d. PUT Cable
19.What networking device is used to
connect a computer system to a network
using wireless technology?

a. RJ 45
b. Port
c. Hub
d. Router
20.What must be done to ensure that the
power supply can power up all the
components in a computer system?

a. Try out all the available power supply

b. Do a careful computation
c. Attach and detach continuously
d. Just buy the highest capacity