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Cultural Competency Plan 2019

Cultural competence is defined as a set of values, behaviors, attitudes, and practices within an organization
that demonstrates a respect and appreciation of the beliefs and cultures of the individuals and families
receiving services, as well as staff who are providing such services.

This philosophy is a critical component in providing respectful, inclusive and individualized services to the
people that we serve and their families and stakeholders. The Life Enrichment Center upholds the
organizational values of respect, community inclusion and appreciation of diversity.
We believe that these values foster cultural competence.


Cultural Competence

Appreciation Community
of Diversity Inclusion
Goals for Persons Served
Objective: Objective:
Objective: The Life Enrichment Center will meet The Life Enrichment Center will work
The Life Enrichment Center the needs of persons served and their to build cultural competency through
understands that regardless of families in a holistic and culturally collaborative partnerships in the
background or ability, every person competent manner. community.
has the right to live and participate as
full citizens in their community. Strategy: Strategy:
Ensure that diversity and culture are Establish collaborative partnerships
represented in the formulation of the with community organizations that
ISP, and foster collaborative build cultural competency in the areas
Actively support community inclusion relationships with the families and of culture, age, gender, sexual
for each person served by identifying, stakeholders of the person served to orientation, spiritual beliefs,
facilitating, supporting and creating facilitate a team approach to ISP socioeconomic status and language.
opportunities for inclusion through formulation.
our services. Work to identify and Deadline:
remove barriers to inclusion. Deadline: Ongoing
Deadline: Outcomes:
Ongoing Outcome: Collaborative Community Partnerships
Personal Profiles are used to present include:
cultural diversity and preferences of  Georgia College ENGAGE
Outcome: the person served during the ISP Partnership
Multiple opportunities for community meeting.  Creative Enrichment Center
inclusion are provided in our  GC1Y- Representations of Ability
programs, including: LEC staff will treat all persons served and Disability
 Exercise Science & Public Health with respect and dignity at all times.  Department of Creative Arts
 Creative & Performing Arts The Center does not discriminate Therapies
 Best Buddies against employees, persons served or  The GIVE Center
 Special Olympics any other stakeholder based on their  Department of Communication
 Black & White Gallery culture, age, gender, sexual  Best Buddies
orientation, spiritual beliefs,  Dept. of Health & Human
 Georgia Artists with disAbilities
socioeconomic status or language. Performance
 Volunteering  Kappa Alpha Fraternity
 Creative Enrichment Center
 Tim Tebow Night to Shine
 Alternative Fall Break
Goals for Personnel & Stakeholders
Culture is dynamic, therefore Objective: Objective:
cultural competence must be an The Life Enrichment Center will The Life Enrichment Center will
ongoing, developmental process. maintain compliance measures for maintain accountability measures
The Life Enrichment Center will upholding the values of cultural
competence. for upholding the values of cultural
continue to document and review competence.
the cultural competency practices
of staff. Strategy:
All staff will receive training in
Cultural Competency and Diversity. The Cultural Competency Plan will
Strategy: Staff will also receive training on be shared with stakeholders on our
The Life Enrichment Center the Code of Ethical Conduct. LEC website as an accountability
leadership staff will ensure that leadership staff will ensure that any measure. We will also encourage
cultural competency practices are suspected violation of these values stakeholders to provide feedback
documented and reviewed, and is investigated.
regarding our programs and
that these practices reflect the services.
values of cultural competence; Deadline:
respect, community inclusion, and Deadline:
appreciation of diversity. Outcomes: Ongoing
All new hires receive training on
Deadline: Cultural Competency and Diversity Outcomes:
March 2020 as a part of their orientation. The following resources are
All staff receive training on the available to stakeholders and
Outcomes: Ethical Code of Conduct annually.
The Cultural Competency Plan is others on our website:
Training was last conducted March  Cultural Competency Plan
reviewed and/or revised annually 22, 2019. Staff understand that any
to ensure continued compliance.  Code of Ethical Conduct
suspected violations of the Code of
Last reviewed and revised 03/19.  Complaints and Grievances
Ethical Conduct should be reported
This Plan applies to all staff and immediately. Any report of a Process
volunteers. Our cultural violation will be investigated by LEC  Email address dedicated to
competency practices are outlined leadership staff. receiving feedback from
in the Code of Ethical Conduct stakeholders and others