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Made By :- Bindiya Soni (16bban050)

Jatin Kumawat(16bban061)
Started : February 2007
India online shopping retailers of
fashion and casual lifestyle products.
Headquarters in Bangalore.
Established by Muskesh Bansal ,
Ashutosh lawania , and Vinet saxena.
More than 100 brands
User friendly websites
Info centric buying and selling
24 hours all center
Unique logistics
Designs from latest seasons
Band exposition
 Announced as a winner of the Red Herring
Global 100 award.
 Awarded as CNBC-TV18 as one of the
Hottest Internet Companies of the year at
the Mercedes – Benz CNBC- TV18 Young
Turks Awards.
 Ranked among the top 10 e-commerce
companies in India.
 Myntra has successfully used social networking
websites Facebook , Twitter, Youtube , Pinterest ,
Google Plus to expand its customer base.
 Myntra positions itself as a fashionable new age
brand. It launches major marketing campaigns
every year.
 Myntra has used mostly viral marketing and
internet for its popularity coupled with occasional
discounts and referral discounts. It can be given a
rating of 3/5.
 Myntra claims to be a cut above the rest since
it does not compel customers to exchange
products and instead returns the money.

 It is also going to launch a new tech

application called the virtual trial room in the
next few months.
 Servers incapable of handing high traffic burst.
 Limited decentralization.
 Limited numbers search queries for the users.
 The actual product might differ from its display
 Uniform quality of service is not ensured.
 is not dial-up friendly.
 It cannot ensure the reliability of the review.
 It follow a bad practice of copying the
reviews of old book editions to new book
editions even though they have different
 User cannot sell stuff on this website.
 No Pop-up advertisements which is good
prospect to earn extra bucks.
 Have servers capable for handing high traffic
 Deliver actual products as displayed.
 Ensure uniform quality of services globally.
 Be a dial-up friendly website.
 Enable users to see stuff on this website.
 Pop-up advertisements to earn more.



 Competitive advantage in any e-commerce business
can be due to a cost leadership or product
differentiation or both.
 In the case of Myntra the competitive advantage is
mostly due to cost leadership
 In special cases it also enjoys competitive advantage
due to product differentiation. In case of IPL t-shirt
the buyer can get his/her name imprinted on it.
 Also Myntra’s business model up till 2009 was of
customized T-shirts and mugs etc which allowed it to
have product differentiation.
 Merger with FLIPKART has increased its strength and
 Retention of its independence even after merger.
 Offering of more than 1.5 lakh products with over 1000
 Efficient supply chain and delivery capability helps it to
cater to 90000+ locations.
 “End of season sale”-a huge success Rs 90 crore worth of
goods sold
 Good advertising and marketing campaigns on Tv ,
internet and print.

Future profitability
Competitive market
Small business units
Intense competition means limited market
share growth.

 Selling private labels can increase their margin

 Partnership with celebrity designers, bollywood
movies can increase its fashion appeal.
 Bridal collection to tap the big wedding market in
 Expansion into global; market can boost business
 Growing economy
 Venture capital
 Global competitors like Amazon slowly making
its foray
 Fashion segment is becoming popular leading to
increased competition
 Economic fluctuations and unfavorable govt
 Adding to its niche proposition is its app only
business decision and closing website might
prevent it from capturing the growing online
 Rising cost of raw materials
 Increasing rates of interest and tax changes.