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Becoming a Successful

Online Student
Important Things To Know

 Succeeding in an online college course requires

a good deal of discipline and time
 Here are some things to remember as well as
steps one can take to succeed in an online
Take Responsibility For Your Own

 Successful online students learn independently

 Identify issues or problems and take the necessary steps
to fix them- Check your syllabus or contact your
 Use your instructor as a resource and for guidance, but
don’t rely on them or anyone else to figure everything
out for you
Make a Schedule

 It’s important to dedicate a set amount of time to your online course each
day or each week
 Time should be allotted specifically for reading and learning course
 Additionally, time should also be set for completion of assignments online
 It’s good to log in to online course forums and check for assignments or
any updates and messages from the instructor
 Creating a set amount of time during the day or week can help one keep
up with assignments and due dates
Keep Technology Up To Date

 Make sure your computers or tablets are up to date on software

 Check to see if microphones, video cameras, headsets or any other
specific technology will be needed for a particular online course
 Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your hard drive
 Make sure you have a backup plan if your technology crashes or fails-
Have a second desktop ready, look to borrow someone’s technology if
need be, or be ready to head to campus or a local library to use a
Get In Contact With Classmates

 Seeking out contact with classmates can be a good way to motivate

each other and stay on top of important assignments
 General Discussion Boards are often set up online by course instructors- Use
 Communicate with classmates about projects, assignments, tests or quizzes
 Get together and study course material with classmates- This is a great
way to gain a greater understanding of material that will be on online

 Online classes can be great for students with a busy schedule. It is always
important, however, that students stay on top of course work and take
their online class seriously. A great deal of time management is required for
success in online classes. Taking responsibility for learning, keeping a
schedule, maintaining technology and keeping in touch with fellow
classmates are all useful ways to succeed in online classes!