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Made by:
shahzaib mubahsar
Fahad usman
Turab gillani
Moaaz khan
Executive Summary
• The Food Wagon’s aim is to take our menu to our target market.
• Seven different locations seven different days of week.
• Our major chunk of revenue with be from sales.
• We will be expecting a 20.8% annual growth rate in profits over a 3 year
• Our exclusive menu
• Our ability to provide food at any location within hours
• Increases our accessibility to customers
• The food truck business is an untapped business model in Lahore
Mission Statement
• “Food Wagon is a mobile food truck business with an aim to build a brand in
this industry to meet the needs of our valued customers. We aim to provide
premium quality and hygienic food all around the city and make our food
accessible to all of our customers. We believe in keeping the customer first
and great customer service is our priority.”
Company and Industry
• Lahore based mobile restaurant
• Owned and operated by four LSE graduates,
• Turab Gilani
• Fahad Usman
• Moaaz Khan and
• Shahzaib Mubashar.
• Food Wagon would help event organizers worry less about facilitating
customers at events
• Communicate with major event organizers throughout Lahore.
• We are not restricted to Lahore only
• Open to franchising the business on our terms.
• Only franchise to entrepreneurs who share the same vision
• Building a brand
• Menu would be prepared, served and sold in a hygienic environment.
• Customer’s hygiene and health is a priority
• Starting with just one food truck in Lahore
• But our goal is to grow it into a business where we have fleets of Food
• We would also be training workers on an annual basis
• Image of our brand which portrays excellent premium quality food and
excellent customer satisfaction stays intact
• However, we offer a small yet a delicious menu with regards to taste and
• We sell premium burgers and wings which are exclusive to only our brand.
• We sell assorted drinks and milk shakes.
• We sell franchise.
• We offer training services
Products and services

• Organic and healthy is at the heart of food these days as people are moving
towards a healthier lifestyle.
• Similar produce is available at Food Wagon
• It delivers nutritious food, custom meat cuts, best sea food items and
numerous imported food items to capture the global essence
• It has a variety of different ingredients and produce which keeps it in sync with
the latest food trends in the food industry ultimately keeping the freshest
produce and ideas in stock.
• Basic Grilled Burgers With Topping Suggestions
• Burrito Burgers
• Juicy Baked Burgers
• Beef Burgers
• Juicy Baked chicken Burgers With Garlic
• Mushroom Stuffed Burgers
Wings & Drinks
• Spicy Thai Chili Chicken Wing
• Garlic Chicken Wings
• Fresh Lime
• Lemonade
• Fruit punch
• Very Vanilla Chiller
• Cocoa Loco
• Cookies & Cream
• Soft drinks
Market Analysis

• Direct competition consists of players that offer similar products and variety as
your own.
• They target the same market segment fulfilling the needs of people with
similar tastes
• A good and direct competition for a food truck is another truck
• Since Pakistan is new to this idea of food trucks so Food Wagon will be a
source of attraction for many.
• Strengths
• Variety of healthy options (Gluten free items)
• Customer engagement market stunts
• Attractive advertisements/Social media presence
• New and refined ideas for innovative menu items
• Well established parent company
• Weaknesses
• Low key global presence
• Low product differentiation
Burger King:
• Strengths
• Brand Identity/Image
• Market penetration is high
• Weaknesses
• Competition
• Duplication of Products
• Awareness regarding healthy eating habits

• Food Wagon requires very limited staff which consists of at least one head
chef accompanied by an assistant chef and
• an order taker/delivery person.
• A manager post will also need to be fulfilled to manage the entire truck.
• Resumes in the appendix
Design & Development Plans
• Get the right food wagon
• Power running for the wagon
• Wagon inside/outside layout
• Staying put/on road sitting
• Easy to read menu would be developed with prices
which are less than our competitors
• Would test our food via different friends and family
• Discounts would be offer to the university students
• Check up the customer feedback
Operations Plan

Weekly Operations Plan:

• Butter would be provided by nurpur company
• Milk & Cream would be supplied to us my milk pack
• Sauces and spreads would be made weekly at the wagon
by the chief
• Other inventory will be shopped from Metro Cash and
Monday – Tuesday-Model Wednesday-LUMS Thursday-Fortress Friday-joher town Saturday-moon

Liberty Market town G1 market

Timing Timing Timing Timing Timing Timing

Set up of wagon: Set up of wagon: Set up of wagon: Set up of wagon: Set up of wagon: Set up of wagon:

10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am

Regular business Regular business Regular business Regular business Regular business Regular business

Hours: 10am to 5pm Hours: 10am to 5pm Hours: 10am to 5pm Hours: 10am to 5pm Hours: 10am to 5pm Hours: 10am to 5pm

Closing: 6pm Closing: 6pm Closing: 6pm Closing: 6pm Closing: 6pm Closing: 6pm

Wagon Wagon Wagon Wagon Wagon Wagon

Staffing Staffing Staffing Staffing Staffing Staffing

Ali Ali Hassan Ali Ali Ali

Hassan Hassan Farhan Farhan Hassan Hassan

Farhan Traffic/Parking Traffic/Parking Traffic/Parking Traffic/Parking Farhan

Traffic/Parking So one person would So one person would So one person would So one person would Traffic/Parking
Overall schedule
Existing month May:
• training plan would be made for the culinary
• check for the business name availability
• get the logo name
• machinery for the kitchen
• equipment’s for the kitchen purpose
• registration of food wagon from Punjab food authority
• financing would be done through bank accounts
• food permit from the food institutions
• get the inventory
First one / two years of business:
• more employees for be hired for the part time work
• Salary would be also increased according to the work
performance of each employee
Third / fourth year of business:
• full time employees would be hired so the owner could
stay out of the wagon
Fifth year of business:
• operate more food wagons
In Future:
• multiple wagons would be operating in different cities of
• open up a restaurant with the brand name
Financial Forecasts
Future Revenue Forecasts
Startup Cash Flow Statement
Year 1 Forecasted Income Statement