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Keep safe distance


Raama Mehra

Raama Mehra is an actror , Writer and

Director. Raama mehra start A career with
Umesh mehra film (yaar gaddar) 1994
starcast Mithun Chakraborty, Saif Ali Khan,
Umesh Shukla. Now he written and direct
keep safe distance (2017).
 Keep Safe Distance is an upcoming Indian
thriller film written and directed by Raama
Mehra and produced by mahesh sharma
&Vishnu Sharma and under the banner of
Rama Dhanraj Production.

Kiran Kumar:

Kiran kumar playing a positive

politician role in this film As
home minister somnath singh.
kiran kumar play 6800
episodes on TV, 550 Hindi
movies and roughly 80 regional
movies, in 43 years, his
contribution to the
entertainment industry remains
rather large and all inclusive.
Shahbaz Khan
Shahbaz Khan playing a
negative role main villains as
salim sultan in keep safe
Shahbaz play 67 tv, 150 Hindi
movies and 60 regional movies
Jai Yadav

Jai Yadav playing movie hero as

Commissioner of Police
(ACP) vijay suryavanshi in keep safe

Jai yadav start A career after Three

year postgraduate diploma course
form indian institute of drama and
acting pune.
Sagarika (neha)

Sagarika playing movie heroine

Soniya atm in keep safe

Sagarika start A career with tv

Like : Hum Hai Na , Hawayein,
last movie of Sagarika Love
you family directed by
Sachindra Sharma with co star
shakti Kapoor.
Mushtaq Khan
Mushtaq Khan playing movie as
comedy inspector pyaremohan
He is best known for his roles in films
like Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993), Jodi
No.1 (2001) and Welcome (2007
Mushtaq Khan
Plays more then 80 tv serial & 200Hindi

Adi Irani

Adi irani playing movie as corrupted

police officer k.k sawant. He is brother
of director-producer Indra Kumar and
Bollywood actress Aruna Irani
Adi Plays hundreds of hindi movies like
Anari,Pyare Mohan,welcome,welcome
Pradeep Kabra
Pradeep Kabra playing a negative role as
rajan hatela in keep safe distance
Pradeep kabra known for Wanted, Delhi
Belly , R... Rajkumar ,dabangg and
hundreds of tv serial .he is work with amir
khan,salman khan, shahrukh khan

Vikas Anand
Vikas Anand playing movie as
Vikas Anand start film career in1973
Vikas playas more then 150 films
Abhishek khanna
abhishek khanna playing a comedy role as
Bajrangi in keep safe distance
abhishek known for tv advertisement with
amitabh bachchan& shahrukh khan

Anil nagrath
Anil nagrath playing movie
rich businessman As rajat mallya . Anil
nagrath play roles 270 movies according
to imdb. Anil nagrath is
general secretary of imppa.