Workshop Technology
Workshop: Workshop is a place where different machines and tools are placed systematically. Workshop Technology: The techniques used to study the various equipment, machines and tools placed in the workshop. Book: Workshop technology by Chapman or any book on workshop

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Workshop comprises of different shops like Fitting, Carpentry, Smithy, Machine shop with Lathe, Milling machines Drilling machines, shapers etc. Fitting Shop Carpentry Shop Machine Shop Smithy Shop Electric Shop

prick punch. tray square. semi-circular protactor. Tools used in Fitting shop 1: Marking Tools Steel rule. . scriber. flat steel square. circumference rule. straight edge. vernier protractor etc. trammel. bevel square.Fitting shop In fitting shop metal work means preparing mating parts to join each other in such a way that they will fit and join together. divider.

.Combination Square Framing Square  SCRIBER Scriber is used to scribe lines to indicate the dimensions of the work piece to be filed or machined.

such as bolt lengths. micrometer.2: Measuring Tools/ Devices Steel rule. wire gauge. Steel Rule Is usually used to measure items that don¶t require extremely close tolerances. vernier callipers etc. screw pitch gauge. surface plate. Fillet and radius gauge. plate gauge. dial gauge. feeler guage. . try square.

This tool can be used for inside.Vernier caliper Is usually used to measure items that require a closer degree of accuracy . outside and depth measurements .

Dial caliper Is a version of a vernier caliper that incorporates a dial for easier reading .

used for measuring items that require very close tolerances. such as shaft thickness and bearing diameter. Micrometer .

counter-bores.Used to measure hole depth. and distances from one surface to another Depth Micrometer .

such as a spark plug gap.Feeler gauge Is used to measure clearances. . Feeler gauges can also be used along with a straight edge to measure surface irregularities.

marking table. It can be also used for check the roundness of a circular job using a dial indicator.3: Supporting tools: These are vee-block. surface table and angle plate. By clamping the the workpiece on it we can finder centre of the workpiece very easily as jt has a right angle slot in it. vee-block? Vee block is a kind of equipment used to hold circular workpieces. .

Vee block .

Heavy Ribs BOTTOM .Surface Plate Surface plates are used most widely as a datum surface in fitting shop work.

Various types of vices are used for different purposes. leg vice.4: Holding tools: Vices and clamps: For holding work pieces during filing. sawing. bench vice. pipe vice and pin vice. threading. drilling and other such operations. They include hand vice. u clamp. Fixed jaw Jaw Plate Handle Bench vice Base Movable jaw . The clamps are also of different types such as c or g clamp. parallel jaw and clamping box.

tubes and pipes. small drills and other similar objects which are too small to be conveniently held in the bench vice.Handle Spindle Upper jaw A Pipe vice is used for Holding round section of metal. keys. A hand vice is made in various shape and size. Wing Nut  Hand vice . Lower jaw Base Pipe vice:- Hand vice are used for gripping screws. rivets.

Toolmaker¶s vice:.The toolmaker¶s vice is used for holding small work which requires filing or drilling and for making of small jobs on the surface plate.The Pin vice is used for holding small diameter jobs. .Collet chuck Pin vice:.

Various types of hammers such as ball peen hammer. ± Soft-faced and dead-blow hammers are used for striking soft or easily damaged surfaces. cross-peen hammer. straight peen hammer. .5: Striking tools: Used for striking various components. double face hammer. soft face hammer.

piller. triangular. round. reamers. Files: Flat. taps. square. hacksaws etc. chisels. drills.6: Cutting tools: These involve various types of files. needle and mill. . knife.

File .

Double cut files have two series of diagonal teeth. square. warding and knife shaped types. one crossing the other. round foundry.Double Cut File This item is used for rough filing and when it is desired to remove considerable metal. . Double cut files are manufactured in flat.

It is manufactured in bastard.Half Round File This item is used on metal and wood for concave circular surfaces. . and inside large holes. second cut and smooth teeth and is 5 to 16 inches long.

. taper and double cut. It is made in bastard. It is available 4 to 16 inches long and 3/16 to ¾ inches in diameter.Round File This item is used for wood and metal working. second double cut and a special coarse cut for woodworking.

Single Cut File This item is used to produce a smooth surface or keen edges on tools and implements. second cut and smooth type teeth. It has a single series of teeth and is made in bastard cut. . It is used with pressure on the outward motion.

Chisel .

.7: Tightening Tools: Pliers: Ordinary. needle nose and special type.

Wrench: Open single ended. closed ended adjustable. ring spanner. . t-socket. pipe wrench and allen wrench etc. box wrench. open double ended.

Allen Wrenches Socket Wrenches .

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